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Page Title: Violin Tide
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Nominated by: the late Mimete

Violin Tide
First Impressions
This page has a really cute, new-n-trendy-type of layout that's been so popular on Sailormoon webpages lately. That can either mean that this page is as good as its layout or the layout's just a cover for a mediocre page... let's move on...
Main Page
It's simple, it's pretty, it loads fast! The page seems to be categorized nicely. so there's no confusion as to what goes where. I like the pop-up updates window; something else that seems to have become popular lately. She notes that this page doesn't look good in Opera, but it looks good in Netscape and IE. Seeing as I use Netscape 4.5, it looked great to me.
The informational section of this site. Again, this is a real fast-loader, thanks to the minimal graphics. I imagine that some viewers may be subject to some eyestrain from the tiny font size. ^^'
Plain foods, plainly prepared... Michiru's stats are fired off for you with accuracy, but not much style or fun. Pisces is misspelled.
Neptune's powers are delineated here. AFAIK, nothing's been left out. My suggestions to the author would be the inclusion of some pictures to illustrate the attacks and powers.
Oooh, pretty layout, with nice little images of Neptune peppered all over. I love that metallic-looking drop-shadow effect. The author thoughtfully gives a pronounciation of Michiru's name (might want to stress the second syllable of 'Michiru', though). There are some grammatical errors in this page ("Michiru and Haruka have a relationship that exceeds friendship, and they are couple. Though they both deny it." should be made into one sentence) that really should be looked at. Definitions between the anime and manga should also be made more carefully.
Interesting information on the planet Neptune! Is it accurate? I have no idea.
Pretty layout! This section is for stuff that's not necessarily related to Sailor Neptune. The author wrote about the element Neptunium, which is a very original idea!
Katsuki Masako
This page has some information on Michiru's seiyuu. There's not very much information here.
The multimedia section of Violin Tide features six subsections of which four are currently open.
This is a nice collection of Neptune images, some of which I've not seen on the internet before (like Michiru's concert poster from Volume 8 of the manga)! A good collection!

This is a collection of MIDI files from Sailormoon. They are not limited to being Neptune-related. I was never much of a MIDI fan, but this seems like a good start!

Free Web Graphics
An unsorted directory of web graphics... impatient viewers may be frustrated. ^^' A preview page might have been nice, but luckily, the filenames are pretty much self-descriptive! A fine collection of blank banners and buttons for the graphically challenged. There's a directory of 15 scans from various media here, whoohoo!
Whoa, a subsect of a subsect!
So that you might link to this page! The images supplied are so cute, it shouldn't be too hard to get people to link up!
Don't you just love that title? This is an autobiography of the webmaster.
Three different ways of contacting the webmaster are given.
One webring listed on one page... call me a puritan, but that seems a little wasteful; I think the ring could be combined with the links, unless the webmaster plans on joining other webrings, in which case disregard what I've said... ^^'
Thanks be to the friends of Violin Tide. ^_
Sailornet Theory
This is a very interesting look at the SM Community. The author tries to make sense of the obsession we all have with this show. Give it a read!
Yeah, that webring definitely could've fit here.... ^_^
Not so much a FAQ as a rule book. ^^'
The author explains why she chooses not to use backgrounds on her pages. ^_^ You go, girl!
The author supports... Wow, I love the font on this page!
Star Index
Cute way for the author to plug/link to her other pages (a Sailor Venus shrine and an Umi Ryuuzaki shrine).
Michiru Mail
There's that Michiru Mail again! You can get "a FREE! E-mail box with a unique Internet address." Very cool! Ulp, except that now everyone and their brother seems to be offering free e-mail...
Guess what this is about...
Final Thoughts
This page could use a little more meat on its bones. It's got the basics of Sailor Neptune down pat, but it needs more content. Not just pictures, but more detailed commentary, thorough run-downs of attacks, etc. This page is off to a good start, and I liked it, don't get me wrong, but I found myself wanting to see and do more. If you're looking for introductory information on Neptune, this is a good place to start, though!

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