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Blue Review

Page Title: LunaKittyMeowMix
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Nominated by: Fatgirl20

First Impressions
First of all, do not be fooled into thinking that this is the same Meow Mix that was previously reviewed by my illustrious sister, Pikurl. The webmaster of LunaKittyMeowMix apparently thought it prudent to use the name of an already well-established site for his/her own page. That's pretty lame. That's like calling your site Sailorgrrl80's Manga Style. Right off the bat, I'm having bad feelings about this site's integrity. It could also be the usage of the lame text on the main page, too. Nittiness aside, the viewer may choose to go with either Luna or Artemis as a guide. Feeling brave, my first pick was Luna...
Going with Luna

Again, the lame text. What is it with wRitinG |iK3 tHIz that seems to impress the kids so much? Maybe I'm just getting too old. The background isn't my first choice for an attractive background, but I'm no art critic. The picture of Ami as Sailormercury with the two cats is a nice enough composition, but the quality is atrociously blotchy and deformed. It turns out that the height and width tags were not properly referenced. Please check the width and height of the image again, webmaster. Nothing says amateur more than resizing images with height and width tags..

Kitty Gallery
Pictures are just tossed onto an HTML page without any thought given to layout. One of the images is broken. Nothing great here, and not that many images; it's just a little collection of all the stuff from the other pages.

At this point, I just couldn't take much more. The Luna section of this site is totally compromised of filler for content. I'm not even going to bother reporting on the individual quizzes, forms, and so on. I opted to go to the Artemis section instead.
Going with Artemis
Oh, no! Oh man, it's just the same exact thing, only this time, instead of Luna pictures, it's Artemis!! I don't get it. This is a totally useless feature. I mean, if this page actually had some content, like if it actually told you about the moon kitties' lives, favorite brand of cat litter, most embarassing hairball memory, etc (hey, webmaster, take notice, I'm giving you some ideas for expansion of your page!), then maybe it would be cute to seperate each section up like this. Luna could be the host for the sections with "educational" content, and Artemis could host the filler, or the other way around. The current setup as it is just doesn't do anything or go anywhere.
Luna's Kitty Meow Ring
Oh boy, the webmaster has a webring! The layout for this page falls into suite with all of the other pages.
Final Thoughts
I know right now that I've been extremely harsh with this page. The fact is, there's just really no purpose to this site. The name isn't original, the content is nonexistant other than a number of really token things like a guestbook, polls, and so on. What good are those things when you have no content to back it up? The signees of the guestbook seem to share my sentiments, one signer even commenting politely that this site "could do with being a little longer [though]." I couldn't agree more.
I really can't foresee any more areas in Sailormoon that are in need of coverage, but one thing's for sure: the cats of the moon are already in good hands. This site just isn't the one doing the holding.

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