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Reviewing Comprehensive Sailormoon Pages..

Pikurl I realize this is a really popular page, but just because it is a popular page, does not mean that it is a good page. It has now over 10000 visits. That, I admit, is a lot of people. This review might generate a lot of flame mail. {sigh} Cyprine, be on guard, the mailbox will most likely be filling up.

The Good

It was good of them to offer a frames and no frames option. I like that sort of thing. There are a lot of things to join and some awards given out. Everyone likes an award for their page. Well, unless it's the award I am giving to this page...

The Faults

The HTML is generally sloppy. Loading time is a pain. They need a lot more organization and the dreaded word, 'scout', is used a few times. The owners of this page babble on here and there about this and that, and frankly, I don't care. A lot of links to the things they once featured are broken and do not work yet because apparently, the pages are under construction. A tip: If it is under construction, then DO NOT put a link to it! Maybe a 'Coming Soon' section or not even mentioning that they will exist at all.

Additional Comments

The name itself is hard to remember. Most people I know call it the 'PS SM blah blah blah page of Miscellaneoussy'. Even though this page is popular, I still suggest, STRONGLY suggest, that you avoid it. The layout is sloppy, HTML amateur and loading time frustrating. They need organization.

They made an example of the worst Sailormoon page ever. That page is completely unnecessary. There are so many bad pages out there, people do not have to be making them on purpose.

In case you haven't noticed, Pikurl made this page.

Pikurl LAUGHS at...

The PS SM DJ NS CA Page of Miscellaneoussy


Long Loader
Bad Layout
Too many broken links
Unnecessary clutter
HTML is messy

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