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Page Title: r u i n e r
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Nominated By: Pikurl
Quick Summary:
Fast loader, original topic, rare design, broken links

Pikurl's Review: r u i n e r
First Impressions
This page loaded faster than I thought it would. Each image seems to load simultaneously but the background takes awhile to load because it's around 20K large.

I don't exactly know what this page is all about yet, but I have a feeling it's about Hotaru being goth. I see more and more features popping up around the Sailormoon Community about this issue. Each icon of Saturn lights up when you run your mouse over. It doesn't scroll down and everything is neatly displayed in tables. Non-underlined links, a very popular trend, is also used here which gives the site a classier look.

Proofs from the Show
The background makes the text hard to read, but it's not too hard to read. I like the quote at the top of the page; it's kind of freaky. As I suspected, it is a goth proof page. Included on this page is a series of links to avi's but none of the avi's seem to be working. There are several sections to this page explaining several instances as they may pertain to goth. There isn't much missed here because I can't really think of anything which may have been missed.

The Planet Saturn
More quotes. They really remind me of saturn. This quote talks about sickness. The author has really done her research on this page. She even looks in secondary sources for information about the planet Saturn. I noticed that she is saying that Hotaru CAN be goth. This entire page is basically written in active voice, very much like an essay is.

Dark Quotes
Quotes about Saturn from the show and at the top of the page, a quote from the Raven by Poe

Wiccan References
Easy to navigate. There are points made and they are organized into an ordered list. Here Jupe links Hotaru's healing ability to Wicca.

Palmistry and Saturn
Once again I am amazed by the research done on this page. The "mount of Saturn" and others are mentioned here and explained into detail, then compared to Saturn. The same large image backgrounds exist throughout each page which kind of unifies it all.

Personal Opinions
Unordered list for opinions from Jupe. She speaks in an inactive voice here for some reason, probably because it is like a personal response. It seems to be like a disclaimer almost because she viciously says that it is her opinion and that if others don't share it, they can basically stuff it somewhere or another.

Links and Credits
Links to people, places and credits. Ben Goodger is at the top of the links list because of his rollover script. A lot of links don't work. They make the page look like it's going to move because Prohosting doesn't have a "millennium" in its free hosting. Oh! They link us! Brownie points for Jupe!

Final Thoughts
The craquilature titles at the top of each page gives the page a very gothic look. There is a lot of black and purple and the backgrounds on the pages are perfect for a Hotaru page. The quotes top it off. Not many pages look like this these days which makes the design and layout VERY refreshing to your usual sidebars and frames layouts.

1998 Pikurl
Design, content 1998 The Fifth Witch
Sailormoon is Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha/Toei Animation
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