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Fifth Witch has been on the net for two years now. In those two years, we have made many adjustments. Here is your history lesson.

December, 1997: the original Cyprine and I were unhappy with the current styles and flair of the WPRs, so we decided to make our own: the sassy and outspoken Fifth Witch. We laughed at peoples' webpages disabilities.

January, 1998: FifthWitch 1.0 was launched. Boy, did we ever get it! We had more hate than like at first, but the thing that made us famous was the PSSMDJNSCA wars. (Even after two years, I still remember the PSSMblahblahblah abbreviation!)

May, 1998: Fifth Witch expanded from two witches to three: Mimete joined us! We were like Charlie's Angels: beautiful AND unstoppable!

June, 1998: Tellu soon joined us. We were yet another Red, Yellow, Green, Blue "quartet" of reviewing villains.

July, 1998: By now, we were at Cyprine #3. The first two had vanished, so they had to be replaced.

October, 1998: One Tellu left, so we hired another. Original members of Fifth Witch were Mimete and Pikurl.

November-December, 1998: Yet another new Cyprine. Pikurl even resorted to doing Cyprine's reviews.

January, 1999: Pikurl goes postal: She kills off Tellu and Mimete, and kick's Cyprine's butt until she starts doing stuff. Amazing concept, ne? A WPR who does stuff? ;-] Also, a brand new layout, brand new guestbook, updated everything came in. Fifth Witch was finally rolling again.

May, 1999: Fifth Witch dies again. Pikurl's twin needs replacing, and Pikurl gets too too busy, so things close down.

Present Day: Pikurl pulls up her britches, being the only one left of the original Fifth Witch, but decides it's time to bring back the bitching. Fifth Witch returns with a rampage!