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Red Text is Pikurl
Blue Text is Cyprine

Date: 21 Nov 1998 21:18:10 -0800
Subject: Night Castle of the Skies

Dear the webmistresses of 'the witches are watching',

Hello. First of all, I would like to say you guys have done a great job.

Nice of you to say so. =-]

The reviews are long but very informative and useful.

We try our best =-] [feels proud]

Okay, I visited your site today and also went into your 'the witch hunt' section. I clicked one of the flame letters which titled 'KINGDOM OF BOREDOM'. The creator of 'Night Castle of the Skies' just making me sick.

You too? I was hoping that we were not the only ones. ;-]

They said, 'Some people may not have scanners or programs to edit images like most people; but if they use images from other pages, let them use it, they have no other choice.'

They sure did.

They said ppl can use images from other pages just because they are also image theives.

I visited their page and noticed that..

They stole a pic(a pic that has Haruka standing beside her Ferrari) from my too!

Sucks to be stolen from, ne? It's a shame people do not want to live up to the standards of others by making their own original graphics.

Actually they were trying to make an excuse for themselves and let ppl think it is can be forgive they stole images. Well, I have an application below my Haruka picture gallery. I let ppl free download my pictures but they need to inform me and give me credits. And I always recieve ppl's appplication, I am glad they do that.

There are at least a few honest people left around.

Too bad, there're still some freaks too lazy to sign my very very short application and giving me credits, just stole my images and claims to be their own.

That is absolutely shameless. I have no respect for people like that.

(Yes, the creators of that page said the pictures are scanned and editted by them...)

See above.

Also, I think your reviews are always useful.

That i why we review: to help people improve their pages and build their skills. Afterall, I am sure we all once built really crappy pages. =-] Fifth Witch has certainly seen worse design days.

The reason those ppl said that just because they are afraid to list one worst SM page oneday and they are jealous about your successful page.

A lot of people are afraid of us. Is it our breath? [freaks out] Is it our hair? Is it my red eyes? WHAT IS IT? [screams] I suppose the entire concept of page reviewing and ego popping scares people.

They are just like villain.

Me too! I am a villain! Only the good kind ;-]

One thing I am gonna report one suck page to you. It is a free web graphics page but the graphics inside are actually not free and stolen from other sites. You will find the person(Jess) has stolen from at least 4 sites!!!

We do not do suck pages. =-[ Just any pages, saying what is good and what can be improved upon. The AQ would probably review them though if the page is really bad.

Such as my site,,, etc.

[speaks to the wall] Oh geez. If you are going to steal something, at least don't steal from pages everybody goes to! [shakes her head and slams it into the wall] baka people! baka people! baka people! [stops, sweats] Okayyyy.. back to the letter.

We have already emailed that girl and asked her to put off the graphics. We also signed her guestbook too.

She probably does not want to face you.

We have been polite but she did not give us any response. She sent her friend to flame's guestbook and also blocked our IP address, so that we could not keep continuing sign her guestbook.

That is because she's on to you now. [taps her nose] Perhaps this girl is material for the feature creature or the cursing. Send us the url sometime and we'll see what we can do.

If you would like to know more about the story. You are invited to visit my rants page:

I will be sure to go in the near future.

Sorry to take your time reading my email.

Well, if you take the time to read the reviews we post monthly, to check out our features and most importantly, to write the mail, then it is my duty and priviledge to read the mail you send. =-]

Thanks a lot.


Chibi Haruka Tenoh
Owner of