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Red Text is Pikurl's Rebuttal
Blue Text is Cyprine's Rebuttal
Yellow is Mimete's Rebuttal

Anime Kingdom of Boredom

Well! Out of the clear blue, we received this random flame from some dull person. Pikkie replied to it, but I, Mimete, decided to post my thoughts here for all to enjoy (hopefully).

Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 14:25:34 +0000
From: May Tran
Subject: To the Fifth Witch


From Night Castle of the Skies and Anime Kingdom of Truth, we think the
way you judge Sailormoon pages are way over the line.

What a good day to catch Pikurl on. Just before she goes to work! We do not judge the pages, we simply review the page, and the ENTIRE page.
From my own mouth, I think you should stop bitching about it if it bugs you so much and DO something... or hadn't that occurred to you?

People make pages with effort and they try to make it nice looking.

I am aware of that. We here, at Fifth Witch, also make pages to try to create a pleasing effect for our viewers.

Some people may not have scanners or programs to edit images like most people,

I am also aware of that, but it is not difficult to go to to get Paint Shop Pro which is both powerful and FREE.

but if they use images from other pages, let them use it, they have no other choice.

Pardon? Many people out there do not even use images with permission or with any credit. Then they go and say "Don't steal my images". I am sorry, but that unjust, especially since the people who scanned or created the images are suffering from it.
Yes, people have a choice... they can choose not to make a webpage if they are ill-equipped for it. No one's putting a gun to your head. Then again, there are those people who just make a webpage so they'll look cool. Would you say the same thing to someone who stole from you? I'll bet my knickers that you'd be singing a different tune then.

The way the fifth witch judges Sailormoon Pages is not nice and polite.

The world is not nice and polite. We cannot help it if 90% of Sailormoon pages out there suck. The people who make the the pages should make a reasonable effort to make their page presentable and at least slightly original rather than stealing other peoples' images and HTML, direct link, et cetera.
Right. Hey guys, let's change our reviewing tactic. Because Miss Manners thinks we're the opposite of nice and polite, we should go along with her and be dishonest and say that we love a page when it clearly bites ass and deserves to be put out of its misery. That's a much more ethical way of handling things. In short... GET OVER IT.

This is the worse Sailormoon guide page we've seen in a long time.

That is your opinion. We get mail almost everyday from people who like our page. We also are linked from many pages, even from people who appreciate the help we have given them by pointing out mistakes on pages that they may not have noticed. Have you even considered that the Fifth Witch is out there to point out something that the author may have overlooked? Tell me something. Have you ever been to SONY's homepage, and found it littered with spelling and gramatical mistakes? Or have you ever gone to another homepage from another big company and seen plagiarized HTML or images from SONY? I seriously doubt it. The same ethics apply to Sailormoon pages. Don't take what's not yours unless it's okay to do so.
Shimatta! That's just the last straw! Now, I have nothing to live for, since you've said our page is not very bad, awful, or even horrible.... but the worst... I don't think I can handle that. Goodbye, cruel world! *bang*.

I feel sorry for all of the Sailormoon Pages that have been judged here.

We do not judge the pages, we simply state what is there and what isn't there.

Judging pages in a cruel way is not the way to judge anything at all.

Even if we did judge, and the page we went to was less than stellar, for example, bandwidth stealing, the page shouldn't be dismissed. Take the Rose Dawsun page for example. The author was asked several times by Sailor Grub and other people to stop taking their images and HTML. Grub even changed her image maps what were stolen and switched names. Rose went to the page and changed the filename of her stolen info to Grub's new name. Tell me, is that right? Stealing peoples' hand work? Their time spent in being original? No, I do believe that it is not right of them to do so.
So, if you're so smart, how would you suggest we do it? By being vague and roundabout and dishonest? Personally, I find our honesty and blunt manner refreshing. It's a shame that you don't see it our way.

Take a look at our page:

Night Castle of the Skies

Anime Kingdom of Truth

I'll take a look when I get time, for now, I am just replying to your flame.
I took a look... and I looked elsewhere, to put it "politely".

You may think our pages are awful looking, but we put effort into the pages as a team and work hard to earn our place on the web.

Funny, I've never even heard of you.
You may think OUR page is awful, but WE put effort into it as a team, too. Oh my lord... could it be.. we have something in common? *screams, jumps out window*.

President of Night Caslte of the Skies and Anime Kingdom of Truth.

I do not care if you did not listen to this, but I hope you did. I also hope that I have clarified what the fifth Witch does. You tell us not to judge, but in this letter, you judge us. Why don't you just burn us at the stake while your at it?

Regards, Pikurl

Yeesh, Ms. President, don't you have anything better to do? Get a job! - Mimi