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Red Text is Pikurl's Rebuttal
Blue Text is Cyprine's Rebuttal

It Has Begun..


Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 15:00:24 -0400
From: Jamie de Weever
Subject: The PS SM DJ NS CA Page of Miscellaneoussy

Hello. I would just like to say that your "review" of the PS SM DJ NS CA Page of Miscellaneoussy is totally unjust and WRONG!

Since when is my opinion wrong? I feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Sorry, dah-links, but my opinion is my own and it can't be "wrong"

For one thing, we do NOT have links up on our page to things that do not yet exist.

You do in your no frames and you did when I reviewed your page.

About the things that have been taken down aka the ranking system, we used to have to do all of the ranks manually, but are currently working on a script to calculate the ranks instead of spending 10 hours (and I'm not exagerating about this) of our time at the end of each month calculating ranks for well over 200 homepages!

CGI scripting is a lot easier to do. Why did you start such a complex operation if you had to do it manually?


Not very often. And when you do, it is not very noticeable.

We are just trying to make it more simple and take less time to provide the same services, but so that we can have time to update other things on our page.

Another thing, the word "scout" is only used when refering to the North American version, we made sure that we kept our versions straight.

Might I point out in your quizzes, "Which scout are you most like?" That looks like a scout word error. Let me see. Hum. Oh! Your Original Series quiz! Here we go! You mix up fandub info with original info! Kakyuu has no other name, she's just Princess Kakyuu. Not Princess Fireball. I won't go on.

Something else, what's wrong with our name? We tried to be original and unique as your type of people are always complaining is just so hard to find these days.

Having a page name that is hard to remember is as bad as having a page that has a bad layout. You don't rack your brain trying to remember a page which has a name which is easy to remember, like Pluto Planet Power! or The Haruka Tenoh Shrine.
People should be able to remember your name and it should be smoothly flowing. As if that's not bad enough, it is included in your URL which makes it impossible for people to link to you.

Let me make a comment about your page;

Go ahead

you say that you try to point out all of the bad pages so people can stay away from them and you will point out all of the really good pages to. Only one out of all those pages you "reviewed" you said that you actually liked!

That's because most of the Sailormoon pages out there really SUCK
If so many pages didn't suck, then there would be no need for us.

Most of those pages there is porbably nothing wrong with them, they may be a bit confused with information sometimes and the likes, but I don't think that you have any right to tell people that their page sucks!

We look through a site and try to emphasize the points which are good as well as bad. It's not an attack.

We (Diana and I) try to encourage people to make good pages by picking the ones that deserve an award. Do you know how many e-mail we recieve every week with people telling us how much they love our page and how much they want to win one of our awards?

Probably the same amount of mail that Cyprine and I receive regarding our other pages regarding layout and awards. It seems like a big popularity contest. Most awards are shams. So many pages give awards to those who impress them with flashy java or pretty coloured backgrounds.
Award schemes today are very crooked systems and lots of pagemasters are NOT overjoyed to receive them, including your award. And I have found that about 80% of pages that apply for awards suck anyways.

Something else, our "World's Most Annoying Sailor Moon Homepage Ever" was not put up there just for laughs, but it was made as a reference guide for our "Helpful Homepage Hints".

This page was rather extreme. It's not usually that bad.

Did you even look there? Our HTML is not sloppy!

I looked at your source, it's a mess.
It is extremely messy and I pity the person who attempts to edit it.

We have put a lot of work into our orginization. I'm at least somewhat glad that you liked that we had a frames and non-frames version.

Options are always nice.
It's nice you put a lot of work into it. Now put work into it in trying to make it better.

But I still think that this review is, if you'll excuse my language, full of shit.

Your foul language demeans you. I suggest you find a more tactful way to express your views. Profanity is juvenile.
Oooh, not only are my opinions "wrong" people have to swear at them to feel justified.

That's all I have to say for now, I'm wasting my time with this.

I enjoyed reading it, pathetic flames are always fun.
If it was such a big waste of time, why bother?

Jamie de Weever Co-Owner of the PS SM DJ NS CA Page of Miscellaneoussy

P.S. We made a coloring book. How many other people have done that?

Ooooh, you really put me in my place! It's a shame you're infringing on copyrights by selling those books. If TOEI Animation or Naoko-sama found out about this, they could and might sue the pants off of you. Besides. I have seen pages with a very similar and a lot less expensive version of the approximate same thing.