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Red Text is Pikurl's Rebuttal
Blue Text is Cyprine's Rebuttal
Yellow is Mimete's Rebuttal

The Continuation..

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 21:12:50 -0500 (EST)
From: Diana Hoang
Subject: Re: Your page has been reviewed
To: "Cyprine and Pikurl"

First of all, I don't think it's right for you to go around reviewing pages and discriminating against them considering we did not ask you to review us.

Would you say the same to the Needleleaf Society? Or the Amazoness Quartet? It's not discrimination, it is a review.
You would not be saying that if we liked your page
Right, discrimination. Uh-huh. I laugh at your loose grasp of vocabulary.

Second of all, I have nothing against your page and even if I did I wouldn't go around telling everyone how much your page sucks because even my homepage doesn't fit all the criteria for what I consider a flawless homepage.

I have never seen a flawless page. There is always room for improvement. Get off your ego and accept a little bit of criticism.

Just a comment about your summary of our page:

Go ahead, I am interested to hear what you have to say.

Long Loader: Tripod was having problems with their server today, your page is on tripod so maybe you would have known, so I don't think we can be penalized for what their server does.

If it was a server problem, there would have been a 404. Also, I reviewed your page before Tripod had difficulties
"'Tis a poor workman who blames his tools."

Also, we have no images on any of our main pages

Animated Ami/Mercury gif and on the first page a whole load of little buttons and the long loading logo.
Yep. I don't know where you're getting this crazy idea there is no images
Okaaay... must be an acid flashback, then, cuz I see me some images.

, just text except for maybe an award or two so I don't know how you can consider it a long loader.

Simple. It took a long time for my 56K modem to load.

Bad Layout: Our chosen layout for our frames page very neat and organized separating all the necessary categories and on our non-frames page its simply listing things and adding a short description.

You have links scattered all over the place. The tables have improved, but the non frames stayed mostly the same.
The non-frames page is a mess and very sloppy and hard to navigate.

I do admit that the lower half of the non-frames version is a bit crowded BUT unless you based your opinion on both the frames and non-frames version then I don't think it's applicable.

I browsed both frames and no frames.

Too many broken links: We have NO broken links OR images on our page anywhere, that must have been an error in tripod's server while you were checking because we check them frequently.

Once again, with Tripod, I would have received a defunct link, I meant that your pages would lead to another page that said something like "This page isn't up because we're too busy"

Unnecessary clutter: Clutter? We have a lot of things on our page to post,

You don't need as much junk on your main pages as you already have.
I will repeat, the non-frames page is very sloppy and cluttered
Oh, bull. Where do you use Shockwave on your page?

if anything, your page is cluttered.

Where is it cluttered? Many people find it uncluttered and easy to navigate through.
Gee, I had no idea that simple tables and neat text and images is cluttered. Oh wait, you probably don't mean that, just feel like you have to get us back.
"I'm not stupid, you're stupid!"

HTML is messy: As I said before, everything is in their secluded sections so I don't know how you can consider it messy.

By looking at the source of the page out of curiosity.

I must tell you that awards from our page don't just go to anyone, we are very elite about our choices. The page that seemed to be your favorite page you reviewed, Elysion, would not fit all the aspects for what I would consider a deserving page.

Everyone has different tastes. How DO you evaluate your pages? By comparing them to your own? Your page isn't exactly the best out there, I have seen many better pages.
I'm afraid to say your choices are not as "elite" as you think. How else does the same page with terrible info get the same award twice (for different days, no less!). Do you keep track?

As I'm sure Jamie mailed you in her letter that we only use the word *Scout* when referring to the North American version such as in the character guide or some of the surveys. On the main page we have an official scout because his job is to FIND our homepages of the day which is what a SCOUT really is,

I stand corrected.

completely coincidental that the North American senshi are called scouts.

North American senshi were called "scouts" because they were sent to SCOUT for the Moon Princess.

Anything that is underconstruction ISN'T THERE

They were in no frames.

, maybe a word block there for it but never a broken link, and the only place where we babble is in the "What is the pssmdjnsca" and if you didn't care for it you shouldn't have taken the time to read it.

It was on the page, so I read it.

No where else on the page to we have phrases and phrases of opinions. I seemed to see a lot of babbling on the Elysion page...

You almost seem jealous that I liked that page.

You obviously did not check our page with multiple browsers because our page is MSIE accessable [sic], Netscape accessable [sic] AND MAC accessable [sic].

I didn't say it wasn't.
Watch it, Pik, these girls really know their stuff...they know things, man! They've seen things!

A comment you choose to put on some pages but not others.

If you want, I will place a special part on your review about how your page can be seen by everything, okay?

We don't care if people want to remember our name.

You should. Promotion of your page is important.
That right there proves to me why your page was chosen as a bad one. How can you NOT care if people remember your name and like your name? The page IS for other people, not yourself
Now, correct me if I'm wrong... but that's totally illogical, as Mister Spock would say. You say you don't care if people remember your name, yet in your next mail to us, you brag about how many people have visited your page. Now, my logic could be off here, but you'd think that, maybe even in a very small way, that you DO care if people know your name...i.e., your boasts of your popularity to us contradict the abovementioned statement...i.e., you're full of it.

That's what we decided to call it and if people have problems remembering it then they should come up with a nickname.

It's not their job to think of an easy to remember name.
Oh, and will this nickname work in the URL, where the annoyingly long name is as well?
Yep, you've really put a lot of thought into this...honey, you are a marketing GENIOUS.

Maybe you and your partner call it the 'PS SM blah blah blah page of Miscellaneoussy'. The title of your page could be considered misleading, The Fifth Witch when it's acutally the fourth AND fifth witch of the witches five.

Excuse me? The Fifth Witch was actually two people. Twins. Eudial was the first, Mimete the second, Tellu the third, Villuy the fourth and Cyprine and Pikurl the fifth. Pikurl only appeared near the end of the episode when she and Cyprine attacked the senshi.
Gee, I'd like to test the rest of your Sailormoon knowledge to see how much you really know.

Our worst Sailormoon homepage ever is merely an exageration of what people should not do and for humor, that's it. We're not comparing it to other homepages that we find are less worthy.

It still seems like a rather pointless section that you could do without.

It doesn't seem to me as if you looked at everything on our page and if you did I think you should either take time to review it again throughly or remove your commentary page because I assure you that there will be lots of flames.

You are pretty confident of yourself, aren't you? You and Jamie were the only ones who really flamed us. How's that for popularity?
Idle threats... for the record, we never received "lots of flames" or even "some of flames"... we received "none of flames" and a lot of congratulatory emails to the tune of "thanks for nailing those PSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPPSPSPS girls, I hate that page!"

It doesn't really matter to me if you actually got all the way through this letter or if you disregard my opinion but since you took the time to discriminate my page I think I'm at least entitled to say something.

Yes you are, and so are we.
If you're entitled to express your opinion, why can't we?

Diana Hoang

One more thing. Your opinion on the Everchangin Sailormoon Gateway. You have in your review that is a very good page but it sucks but later on you complain on how we might be losing one of the best Sailormoon page ever.

You misunderstand us, maybe you should read it with an open mind.

I think you should get your fact straight on what you think rather than changing it all the time to confuse people.

We have our facts straight.