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Red Text is Pikurl's Rebuttal
Blue Text is Cyprine's Rebuttal

This flame was stupid and pointless. The person obviously does not know what she is talking about


Name: e u d i a l
Homepage: w i t c h e s p l a n e t
Date: Wed Jan 20 23:32:01 1999
Referred by: I sort of like you

Hello, I really enjoyed your site,

And I really enjoyed your flame. I suppose we're even, ne?

I went to Mimete's Reviews, I'm sure it was Mimetes and I went to her July 98 one. It was on the Moon Prism Fanclub.

Actually, I believe that I reviewed that page.

**NOTE-I AM NOT HERE TO FLAME** Well, to tell you the truth I think you should revisit that page and see whats its been up to because I am very surprised.

I have been there and there are many improvements yet still many bugs which may need to be weeded out.

The webmistress, Chibi-Saturn is my best friend.

Oooh, so I assume she sent you here?

I know that was her first page, I mean give her a Break!

No excuses! No excuses! Whether it's her first page or zillionth page, there are always bugs to pick out in pages. Believe me. There are several bugs in this page as well.

I'm sure no one really knows to give them credit

If you take without asking, that is bad. If you take without asking and give credit, it isn't as bad. If you ask and take but say it's yours, that's really bad. You should always ask and respect the webmaster's wishes.

or know that they stole pictures of peoples pages

If you take them in the first place, remember where you took them from.

or know exacatly whos the most powerful senshi or whatever,

Go by common sense. Sailorsaturn vs. Sailorchibimoon. Who would win? DUH! Other sites are out there for reference. Do research from reliable pages and then write something on your own. It's really a lot more gratifying than stealing information or making it up because someone is always bound to find out.

you know what I mean, on my first webpage I did the exacat same thing.

I am sure we all did. We didn't even receive a reply from her. Look at what the review did though: It motivated her to change her page and improve. That's what we like to see.

I mean ya, its bad to directly link them off their page.

[nod, agree]

My friend has a really fast cable modem, so she has no idea how long some of her pages.

Still no excuse. Not everyone has a cable modem. A page stuffed with images is not a better page. Information, in my opinion, reigns supreme to image padded pages. Just look at The Pit of the Lunar Inquisition. All accurate information and all text with few images. It's attractive, it's well thought out and most of all, it's informative. That is the best example I can think of from the top of my head.

But I really should go back and look at her page, it really has improved.

I have and it has =-]

Now I know, you're probably going to reply to this message in your flames or whatever,

Only because you weren't so nice as to leave an email address or webpage url.

because I dont give a flying f@#$ about it.

Oh geez. Did you have to resort to foul language? There is always a better way.

I really honestly do love your site, I have it bookmarked, I plus I love the witches 5.

Domo =-]

This page is really good for reviews on sm web-pages.

Your opinion. [shrug] Many people consider us to be very reliable and very accurate. Besides. Since when are our opinions wrong?

I just think you are hinting too much on insults.

The old us, yes. The new us, no. Are you sure we're talking about the same Review group?

And I'm not surprised people flame you,

Actually, we don't get as many flames as we get praises.

if my webpage was on here, I'm sure I would be pretty mad too.

I wouldn't. We are here to help point out things you may have overlooked yourself. Have you ever thought of it that way?

I think you should just say what they need to improve on and what they should fix.


I know, I am not here to tell you what to do, its just a suggestion.

And thus, our answers. BTW, we DO know where your site is, and it is good so far. I almost reviewed it, but since you are afraid of us, I won't.

--e u d i a l