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Pikurl Because of the flames that we received from the lovely ladies of the PS SM DJ NS CA Page of Miscellaneoussy, I have re-reviewed them.

After carefully combing through both sites, meticulously reviewing everything to ensure that my visit was thorough, I decided not to leave out any details that i purposely left out.

Let's start this off nice and simple.

The main page is the same as before. It has an ugly logo and on this logo is a really juvenile looking font. The 11 little buttons the the bottom of the page take awhile to load. The background is cute, but once again, the childish font shows. Their copyright disclaimer is in japanese. A nice idea, but a lot of people cannot read japanese.

I have never understood the big "You have incorporated" at the top of the page either.

Netscape Frames.

Here is the summary.

Links are scattered all over the place, all the links should be neatly organized like most of the links on this page are.

The midi is really annoying and from pressing the back button, I discovered that it changes each time. From a bearable one to a really annoying outer senshi transformation sequence. I was ready to pull my hair out from the roots!

The top frame reloads every couple of minutes and it messes up my browser. I was at the point where I was ready to leave, but I kept on checking it out. Afterall, it was a page I had to review.

Some image links on this page had borders on them, others didn't. It is just inconsistant and sloppy. I suggest a border=0 in the image tag.

The tables are really ugly. Ever heard of table border=0? It's an innovative thing that makes a table look a lot more attractive.

There are the little buttons to things on the page that I didn't even know existed. They take awhile to load and are basically pointless.

Loading time wasn't AS long, but the java scrolling bar updating applet did not work so it really messed up my browser again.

A question: "last modified 12/31/69"? Doesn't surprise me. They have a strange little java toy that updates their background and link colour daily.

No frames

The background and layout is the same as several months ago and the same as when I saw their site for the first time on their former isp url. The background obscures text and the layout is messy. The tables are ugly as well. The HTML in the source is messy and it is a miracle that they actually understand how to update it. (They haven't, but let's not elaborate..)

Awards section

The bright background colour burns my eyes. The home page of the day was for May 5th, and I looked here May 9th. I'd understand that, only why offer a daily award if you don't intend on REALLY updating the page daily?

The pics take awhile to load, make thumbnails? That would be a novel idea.

I would not suggest you make each award jump within the same document, not all people will notice that and click on the link on the main page a couple of times.

Colouring book

Just because you take the colour out of the images and print them to put in your colouring book, does not mean that they belong to you. It is still an infringement of copyright and you shouldn't be selling them.

Support the PS SM DJ NS CA

I'd rather not. Make new banners. Seriously, they aren't attractive. The little button is cute, but the huge 339K animated banner has got to go. Banners should NEVER be over 15K

Introduction to Sailormoon

I believe I've seen this before! Oh my! Look at this! Direct plagiarism! "Where from?", you might ask? From Sailormoon FAQ! That's not right.

International Sailormoon

Have these girls even seen these versions of Sailormoon? Not many Canadians have. More stolen info? From the FAQ? You make the call.

Name translations

These translations aren't right. Something about translating Aino Minako to "Surrounded by Beauty of Love" Ai No means "of love" and Mina Ko is Pretty Child. How does one get "Surrounded by Beauty of Love"? Also, The spelling of Origin is not Origine.

Character Profiles

The typical generic off the shelf, or dare i say, off Hitashi Doi's page info. All in table form, all boring, all seen before. Oh, and Taiki isn't 6'2, Taiki is 5'11 (according to an anime magazine)

What is the PS SM DJ NS CA? A load of filler info and annoying java. There is an explanation for the page. "Stuff" is the best word, I suppose, to describe the page. It's all filler stuff. It is supposed to be Miscellaneous, so why not stick to miscellaneous criteria? Oh, and one more thing. Why not modestly sign your names on the bottom of the page instead of in a font size=7 blinking format? Is it to boost your ego?

Images gallery

Not much to choose from here. Just manga Usagi pics and Anime cats pics. I've seen a lot of them from Sailor Grub's page.

Surveys and Quizzes, etcetera.

The usage of my favourite word: Scout. Improper grammar, stupid questions obviously posed to bash Sailormars. Some of these questions are REALLY stupid. I mean, it would take someone with a lot of spare time on their hands to think of these questions. Example: Do you think little girls should travel back in time to try to seduce their father away from their mothers?" Give me a break.

Quiz #1

It's dubbed and your browser needs java.

Quiz #2

It's easy stuff. Used fandub terms. "What is Princess Kakyuu's other name?" I left out of disgust.

Superdeformed Dexterity Gallery

First of all, the mutilated Chibichibi pic is really sick. Your edited pic of "Raye" was actually of Mistress Nine, and it was just a photoshop filter effect. It's just a waste of space. The images aren't funny because they aren't even really well done.


It's just a list of midis. I sincerely doubt that all these midis were generously contributed by others. There are a lot of midi banks where they could have been taken from.


Broken links or fandubs. At least they were uploaded to their own server in rampage.


More java. No big surprise. I tried it, and no one was there.

Movie Sale

Selling Illegal fansubs and fandubs. These girls are really pushing it.


There are a zillion banners here that take a long long time to load.


38 webrings? Holy somethingorother! Stick to 4 or 5 of their favourites. 38 rings is a bit much.


YTV? Excellent dub? Don't make me laugh. Oh, and they make promises they may not fulfil.

Sailormoon Solitaire

Lots of people have it.


It's all good, organized.

Join their Ring

All links to join the ring are jumps within the document.

Awards Received

I guess their stolen info, pics and the flashy java impressed a few people. They'll be getting another award to add to their page.

Fanart and Fanfiction

It's their own work, I won't go on about that section.

Homepage hints

There's no HTML help. A lot of people know what they want to do, just don't know how to do it in HTML. They violate their own hints here. For example: The banners rule, the crowding rule, the interchanging info rule, the content rule and it's true! They can't deny it.

"I'm a PS SM DJ NS CA Special Person" So, they want the people who put that banner on their page look like a complete idiot? Special by their standards, in my opinion, is an insult.

Final notes

Not much has changed. I still don't like this page, and upon further inspection, I like it even less. The design sucks. All those awards they won were probably by someone who couldn't do any better or pitied them. There is still confusion between the dubbed and original series, the site is unattractive and all in all, most of it is filler garbage you can find anywhere. There are a lot of illegal sales going on, I would suggest you just find a better page to browse.

In case you haven't noticed, Pikurl made this page.

Pikurl LAUGHS at...

The PS SM DJ NS CA Page of Miscellaneoussy


Same as the last time I reviewed it, only now with more improvements to make on their behalf.

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