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Not too long ago, the Amazoness Quartet reviewed a page in tripod. When I, Pikurl saw this page, it used to be called Cyprine and Pichurol's Domain. Naturally, I was intrigued and went to it. This page was nothing like I expected. This page is an example of a TERRIBLE Sailor Moon page. Here's how.

  • It steals graphics
  • It is a bandwidth thief (meaning it links pics directly from others' sites)
  • The author steals pure html and when the page that was stolen from changes pictures and html code, the author of the bad page stole it again.
  • Long loading
  • Just a page you'd want to miss.
  • This page is located at
  • We decided to hopefully humiliate this girl into shutting down her page since asking and demanding she take down her horrible site would not work. Apparently, she likes her page the way it is. Let's hope it doesn't stay that way..



    Purpose of this cursing




    Final Fun