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Every week, at least every two days, we receive mail with questions which people want answered. Sometimes, this mail is too much to handle. Cyprine and I talked for awhile, and decided that it would be a good idea to develop some sort of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to clear up any confusion.

Can I be a witch?
Why Not?
Because it is difficult enough to keep the page running with two people. That is partially why we returned to two witches.

Can you review my page pretty please?
Because of the constant demand of people wanting us to "check out their page", Fifth Witch has developed a new policy where we do not accept self-nominations. We would love to help you all, but the volume of mail we receive of self-nominations is absolutely impossible to keep up with.

You reviewed my page and I totally disagree
Well, if you cannot take constructive criticism and ignore the good points we show in your page, then that is your problem. Do what you want. If you want to flame us, go ahead. We will just post our reply. Besides. This page is our opinion. Don't blame us if people want to agree with it.

Will you guys please make fun of this crappy page?
No. Fifth Witch does not make fun of pages anymore unless the page uses the same repitition or is like our feature in the Witch Hunt, the Rose Dawsun page. Making fun is only for the Witch Hunt.

Who are you guys really?
My name is Toejam, and Cyprine is my big buddy Earl.

Do you have webpages besides Fifth Witch?
Yes, we do. I do not see why we would have the jurisdiction to tell anyone what's good and bad if we do not even have homepages or skills of our own. Am I making sense? [goes off to take her medicine]

Why don't you have an image gallery or information on the Witches 5?
There are a lot of places out on the net with information about the Sailormoon S season. Perhaps, however, in the future, something can be arranged. =-]

What do you look for in a good page?
We do not look for good and bad pages to review anymore, as there isn't really a perfectly good and flawless page or a totally crappy all things are bad page. However, we do look for a neat design, accurate information and -ORIGINALITY-

Why don't you review both good and bad pages?
See Above. We try to review pages with an open mind and with open opinions.

If a tree fell in the middle of the forest when nobody was around and it fell on one of you, would anybody care?
Well, if it counts, I would most certainly care... =-/ [cracking sound] AAAAAAAAH! [thump] uhhhnnnnrrrrhhh

What do you guys have up your ass anyway? You could be a little bit nicer..
Let's not go there. We used to have a major attitude problem, and I suppose we still do. However, we try to keep it out of the reviews because a bad reputation is not a really good thing to have in the Sailormoon Community.

Ever heard of constructive criticism?
Of course! We try to make all our criticizing constructive. Is it our fault most people are too sensitive?

What makes you so high and mighty to think you can judge other peoples pages like élitests?
We've changed reviewing tactics lately. We don't judge the page. We state what is there; what is good and what can be improved upon.

What makes your review group unique? Afterall, there are a lot of other review groups out there.
Snazzy reviews from SMS villains, objective reviewing, unique colours and content that just won't quit!