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May 14, 1999 Fifth Witch is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. We will update ASAP for you once we've sorted ourselves out. Thanks for your continuous support. =-]
April 17, 1999 New reviews are in. Feature Creature is STILL on pause. If you have a nomination for Feature Creature, then send it on on in!
March 31, 1999 April reviews are done and March reviews are archived. There will be more happening soon in Fifth Witch soon; as soon as we contact some people, expect a Feature Creature. Cyprine and I are working as hard as we can on getting it up!
March 17, 1999 Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks! The first set of reviews is finally up! Cyprine has been away for awhile and I have been busy with Feature Creature. It will be up as soon as I receive a reply from the nominator!
March 2, 1999 Reviews will be delayed as the feature creature's debut is coming very soon! I'll try to get a review up to keep your hunger sated though, so stay tuned, folks! And keep checking out this updates page.
February 1, 1999
New reviews are up! Finally, ne? =-] Also, the Witch Hunt has new letters and a new look, and the Policy is completely updated and finished. More reviews on the way, so keep in touch!
January 13, 1999 New Guestbook is up
January 12, 1999 All done the new layout. Like it? Have any suggestions as to who should be the feature creature? Or have any form of feedback? Then send it through mail or feedback! If you are nominating a feature creature, then make sure that you mention "Feature Creature" and why you chose that person in the Reasons field!