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mIRC - #TomoeLab [+stn] That Awful Rose Dawsun Page
 Session Start: Sat Jun 13 22:19:44 1998 * Logging #TomoeLab to '#tomoelab.log'
<Mimete> Hi!
<Pikurl> now logging.
<Pikurl> Cyprine, did you go the the Rose Dawson page yet?
<Mimete> I'm gonna see if I have her Geocities pages cached
<Cyprine> i did for a minute but then my browser crashed..
<Cyprine> i'll go again
<Pikurl> She stole pure HTML from Sailor Grub, but Grub played a trick on her
<Mimete> Well, either way, I have a very bad second choice....
<Cyprine> hehe
<Pikurl> What page is that?
<Mimete> This one --->
<Pikurl> title?
<Mimete> Star's SM Palace.
<Pikurl> heh
<Mimete> Oh, wait... the NS already used that.... :P
<Pikurl> I found a pretty bad one as well. It's just a bunch of really huge pics, all stolen, on one page.
<Cyprine> it still sucks =p
<Pikurl> This girl can't spell Heavy right.
<Mimete> Rose Dawson's page IS still up!!!!
<Pikurl> Not for long!
<Mimete> Or at least parts are...
<Cyprine> hehe, i still like the bandwidth image thief picture
<Pikurl> So do I. Grub showed me earlier
<Pikurl> Last time Grub changed the image though, Rose took the new image
<Mimete> Me too!!! I mean, there's being desperate and there's being a jerk.
<Cyprine> no kidding
<Pikurl> Hey guys, let's be cool like Rose Dawsun and steal and directly link!
<Pikurl> Yeah, I feel cool now!
<Mimete> Wow, that's great!! What better way to make people despise you?
<Cyprine> oh wow, she mentioned Sailorgrub on the credits page, but couldn't even bother to make a link to grub's page
<Mimete> Yeah, I'm gonna steal tons of images from high-profile web pages!!!
<Mimete> That's so lame.
<Cyprine> did she think she wouldn't get caught?
<Pikurl> Yeah! Let's go to the ESMG and steal her Gateway logo, then to Electra's page and steal her Ami Angel!
<Mimete> Apparently not...
<Pikurl> She probably thinks that it's fine to directly link, even if the author says NOT TO
* Mimete snickers
<Mimete> She's prolly some dork.
<Pikurl> Her page used to be called "Cyprine and Pikuroll's Domain"
<Cyprine> the senshi profiles pages are messed up...i don't think she knows html
<Cyprine> there's no <br> tags
<Mimete> What a dope!!
<Pikurl> You saw what I posted!
<Cyprine> wow, we're lucky she managed to turn on her computer
<Mimete> The main page at doesn't load in Netscape 4.0
<Pikurl> Yeah, all she had was a little manga pic of us.
<Cyprine> what?
<Pikurl> Or in Netscape 3.0
<Mimete> UGH!! Sick!!!
<Pikurl> I tried to load her main page at school on the cable connection and it took ten minutes.
<Mimete> You mean... this page is optimized for Internet Exploiter?
<Cyprine> it crashed ns 3.0 before for me
<Mimete> Ick.
<Cyprine> most likely
<Pikurl> Here, on my 56.7, it takes longer.
<Cyprine> actually, its probably not optimized at all
<Mimete> I can't even load the damn thing!
<Pikurl> There's a little thing we call sized tables.
* Mimete loads up Internet Explorer
<Pikurl> Kids, you should learn from sized tables! They help those with Ye Olde Resolution of Crap!
* Mimete giggles
<Mimete> Ah, now it loads! No wonder, IE and this page are both evil.
<Mimete> You know what they say.... birds of a feather flock together...
<Pikurl> They call it the borg. Everything shall be assimmilated!
<Cyprine> oh dear!
<Mimete> Cyprine? You're awfully quiet...
<Cyprine> i see more stuff ripped off from another high-profile page
<Pikurl> Which one?
<Mimete> Yeah? Where, where, where?!?!?!
<Cyprine> look at the season summaries
<Pikurl> Okay
* Mimete looks for summaries
<Cyprine> and then look here (in the manga summaries)
<Cyprine> oh dear!
<Cyprine> i really like the original page the summaries came from
<Mimete> Is that Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon Anime & Manga?
<Cyprine> yep
<Mimete> What a tramp!!!
<Cyprine> no kidding!
<Pikurl> People are absolutely nailing this chick with bandwidth image thief pics! I absolutely love it!
<Cyprine> i wonder if she even wrote up her own links page
<Mimete> I seriously do like her choice in divider bar graphics. Those are cute...
<Mimete> REALLY? Where?
<Pikurl> Main page and in Sailor Moon Manga Images
* Mimete finds one!
<Mimete> YAY!!!
<Pikurl> She even ripped off Sailor Grub's page name
<Cyprine> those bkd images and such are stolen..
<Cyprine> i keep finding them too *L*
<Cyprine> i know
<Mimete> Let's have a contest! Whoever finds the most stolen pics from one page gets a nice big chocolate easter egg!!!
<Pikurl> Hehehe, good plan!
<Mimete> Damn, I wish she stole something from my page...
<Cyprine> i already found the whole season summary page was stolen so there! =p
<Pikurl> *L*
<Pikurl> =-P
<Cyprine> i thought the html was too advanced
<Mimete> She took these animated GIFS from KatC's Sailor Moon Page, but KatC lets people use her graphics. Hmmm...
<Cyprine> you know, it had tables and everything
<Mimete> Stolen HTML... pathetic.
<Pikurl> She directly linked though, didn't she?
<Pikurl> I have a better plan.
<Mimete> You do? :D
<Pikurl> Anyone who finds an image which was stolen but NOT directly linked gets a pack of Sailormoon cards
<Cyprine> hehe
<Cyprine> i have a pack of sailormoon cards!
* Mimete giggles
<Cyprine> yay me!
<Mimete> Uh, I have a pack of Camel Lights!
<Pikurl> Hehehe, I have a pack of .. Well, nevermind. =-P
* Mimete raises her eyebrows
<Cyprine> i have a pack of dumarier (sp?)
<Mimete> O_o
<Pikurl> *coughs*condoms*coughs*
<Pikurl> ME? I didn't say a thing!
<Mimete> Hmmm... I'm looking at the Neptune profile page, and something tells me that this girlie didn't mean to have "layered" images....
<Pikurl> Cyprine did!
<Pikurl> er?
<Pikurl> *Goes*
<Mimete> Oh, duh, that's the background overlapping with the images.. it looks stupid.
<Pikurl> Heh..
<Pikurl> It's ALL the same as Grub's here
<Pikurl> Go to the Saturn pics. There are a LOT, all stolen.
* Cyprine will be going a tad slow for a few minutes...gomen...
<Mimete> I'd love to get some of these transparent GIFs, though... heh...
<Pikurl> No prob
<Mimete> This girlie is such a douchebag!
<Pikurl> *laughing hard*
<Pikurl> Mimete, you crack me up!
<Mimete> Well, how else can you describe her?
<Pikurl> While using a lot of four and five letter words.
<Mimete> I mean, making a webpage isn't hard. If AOL users can do it, why can't she?
<Pikurl> Even the PS NS BS BS US girls can make a better page
<Pikurl> oops! Did I say that?!
<Mimete> Anyone can.
<Mimete> -_-;;;;;
<Pikurl> My first page wasn't even this bad.. Goodness..
<Mimete> This is so pathetic.
<Mimete> I did remote-load though.... but I learned... I learned...
* Cyprine is back to harass people
<Pikurl> Same here. I remember having a huge problem when all these pics I directly linked to went down.
<Pikurl> WB Sis
<Cyprine> thankya ^^
<Pikurl> Anytime =-]
<Cyprine> my first webpage wasnt this bad either and it was so bad people like protested until it went down
<Mimete> I can't take this page much longer....
<Cyprine> me neither
<Cyprine> all the stolen images make me gag
* Mimete gags
<Pikurl> The stolen pure HTML sickens me
<Cyprine> i have to review a good page this month coming up...i'm sick of being the bitchy witchy ^^ =p
<Mimete> Let's join her webring!
* Mimete laughs
<Pikurl> [laughs] you sure?
<Pikurl> We can put a description saying how much she sucks
<Mimete> Nah....
<Pikurl> And we can make a page just as bad as hers
<Cyprine> i couldnt even read the text cuz of the crappy background
<Pikurl> I couldn't either
<Mimete> "Icons for your page" ... yeah, I'll bet she slaved over these....
<Cyprine> hehehe
<Mimete> Me neither!
<Pikurl> Slaved stealing them?
<Cyprine> over the hot stove all day *giggles*
<Pikurl> I'd like to put her over a hot cauldron
<Pikurl> or in one
<Mimete> Yup!! Slaving over the hot 486....
<Mimete> Hur hur hur
<Pikurl> BURN! BURN! BURN!
* Pikurl sets her hair on fire and runs around!
<Cyprine> eee!
<Mimete> I want to cut her head off!
<Cyprine> Pikurl! I was just about to do that!
* Mimete follows suit
<Pikurl> Hehehe
* Cyprine puts eye of newt and witchy things into the cauldron
* Mimete jumps out of the window*
* Mimete adds the blood of a newborn toad
<Pikurl> Double double, toil and trouble! Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
<Pikurl> Let's steal her first born child
<Mimete> Hocus Pocus, alakazaam!
<Cyprine> hee!
<Pikurl> We can sacrifice it to Pharoah Ninety
<Pikurl> [cue gothic choir music]
<Mimete> Yes, let's steal her firstborn, sacrifice it, and eat the remains!
<Pikurl> I wouldn't eat it
<Pikurl> It would probably poison me.
<Mimete> I would. I have PMS, I'll eat anything.
<Pikurl> [cackles]
<Cyprine> hehehe
<Cyprine> me too
<Pikurl> Mimete, you always have PMS =-P
<Pikurl> Then again, we all do
<Mimete> This page has won awards!! I'll bet the award givers feel dumb...
<Pikurl> Especially when we trash pages.
<Mimete> I'm a girl, of course I do. :)
<Pikurl> Hm. I'm tempted to go to their pages, just to see.
<Cyprine> one girl who gave her an award let her use her images
<Mimete> Let's see if they *really* gave her awards...
<Pikurl> Did this girl know she let her use her images?
<Cyprine> and she joined sailor figment's banner system and club
<Cyprine> i don't know
<Pikurl> Go ahead. =-] I've had a lot of stupidity right now, I need a break.
<Pikurl> [goes off to find something to drink]
<Mimete> I'll check the Naru-chan one out....
<Cyprine> [goes off to find some crack]
<Cyprine> =p
<Mimete> Hey! I want some!!
<Pikurl> [back]
* Cyprine slips her bitchy witchy sis some crack ^.~
<Mimete> Oh my god.... this Naru person really DID give her an award!!!
<Cyprine> i told you *L*
<Cyprine> its sad
<Mimete> Ugh, that just goes to show what kind of "standards" people have...
* Cyprine is away again...
<Mimete> This is so pathetic....
<Pikurl> I laugh at her disabilities.
<Pikurl> Oh, and I also laugh at her page's disabilities.
<Mimete> I laugh and I cry and hang my head in shame at her disabilities.
<Pikurl> [L]
<Mimete> These people who gave this page awards are disgusting.
<Mimete> Except the AQ's award. That's the only one she deserved.
<Pikurl> We should get the other page reviewers after this girl.
<Pikurl> Yeah. We should give her our award.
<Mimete> *nods*
<Pikurl> We can nail this girl with the award the same way we nailed the PS BS BS US NS RS BS page with the award.
<Mimete> *claps*
<Pikurl> We need a new awards graphic for it though with Mimete on it.
<Pikurl> All our awards graphics have just Cyprine and I on it.
<Mimete> Hmmm... I suck at graphics. >:P
<Cyprine> i didn't make them *grumbles*
<Pikurl> !
<Mimete> ^_-
<Pikurl> Cyprine, make some then! =-]
<Pikurl> There isn't anything stopping you. =-]
<Mimete> Yeah, make some, Cyprine!! *nudge*
<Cyprine> there was before
<Cyprine> but actually i might not have time tonight ^^;;;
<Pikurl> Sorry =-[
<Mimete> I can't TAKE THESE ANIMATED GIFS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!*jumps out window again*
* Mimete cries and has a spaz
<Cyprine> hehehe
* Mimete pounds her fists on the table
<Pikurl> [comforts Mimete]
<Pikurl> therethere
<Mimete> Must....DESTROY!!!!!
<Mimete> Must DESTROY.... the EVIL....
* Mimete picks up a grenade launcher
* Mimete fires grenade launcher at page
<Cyprine> this is all going to be logged and displayed wont it?
* Pikurl pulls Cyprine into a bomb shelter
* Mimete sobs as nothing happens
* Pikurl puts a helmet on
* Mimete is a little disturbed
<Pikurl> It is.
<Cyprine> hehe
<Cyprine> good
<Cyprine> thats the way it should be
<Mimete> Yup!
<Mimete> FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!! *runs for cover*
<Pikurl> Yipe!
* Pikurl takes cover!
* Mimete laughs as page explodes
* Pikurl freaks out as the smoke clears and the page reforms like T-2000
<Cyprine> *on fone still*
* Mimete roasts marshmallows over burning embers of wht was once Rose Dawson's shitty page
* Mimete gets a gleam in her eye
* Mimete releases the daimon egg
<Pikurl> Fire gleam?
<Pikurl> Ooooooh
<Pikurl> Daimon! Daimon! [dances]
<Mimete> ¬_¬
<Pikurl> Be right back, closing Notepad
* Mimete watches daimon terrorize stupid unneccesary web page
<Mimete> Okay.
<Pikurl> Are either of you logging this as well?
<Mimete> Nope, I don't know how...
<Cyprine> i will if you want me to
<Pikurl> Click the little button by #TomoeLab
<Pikurl> Please do, just in case
<Pikurl> There should be a little menu.
<Pikurl> Click on Logging.
<Mimete> Huh?
<Pikurl> It's like a menu button. Not an actual button
<Mimete> Okay, found it!
<Pikurl> Okay
<Mimete> Now what?
*** Cyprine has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Mimete> *cries*
<Pikurl> Save the file.
<Mimete> YAY! There we go!
<Pikurl> Good. =-]
<Mimete> Hooray!
<Pikurl> I found a really good shit page to review. The thing is though, we need to find some good pages to review.
<Mimete> Where'd Cyprine go?
<Pikurl> Probably something to do with her parents. That would not surprise me.
<Pikurl> She always leaves without any warning.
<Mimete> Oh.... ¬_¬
* Mimete whimpers
<Mimete> I'm sleepy...
<Pikurl> Aww. [comforts]
<Pikurl> How are you liking being a Witchey?
<Mimete> I'm loving being a Witchey! :)
<Pikurl> We haven't received many flames lately either.
<Mimete> Very much!! It's lots of fun!!!
<Mimete> Nope, we haven't received many flames!!!
<Mimete> People seem to really like us, too.
<Pikurl> We'll let you in on dealing with our next flames, okay?
<Mimete> Okay!
<Pikurl> Speaking of which, we need to redo those flaming pages.
* Mimete gets excited
<Pikurl> Still though, there's some training to do.
<Mimete> I know...
<Mimete> I'm a good bad witch?
<Pikurl> You are WICKED!
<Pikurl> Take that either way! =-]
<Mimete> Let's shut this puppy down then!
<Pikurl> Okay
<Pikurl> Ja!
<Mimete> Arigatoo!! *hugs*
<Mimete> Ja ne!
Session Close: Sat Jun 13 23:08:34 1998