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Page Title: Bells For Her
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Nominated by: Cyprine

Bells For Her : A Chibiusa Shrine
First Impressions
So cute, so simple, so... Chibiusa! I've admired this page for quite some time.
Main Page

Cute. Cute. Cute. The pink and black is really striking, and the plain text links to the sub pages (on curved-like arms) are just wonderful. Loading time was almost instantly, another plus!

Once again, cute pink! More text links to sections.. The basic stats with a not so basic explanation? That sounds interesting, the first time I've ever been interested in stats...

Whoa, this is so different! With stats to the left, on the right is a small section with a little misc. fact, or a little explanation. That's a great way to makes stats a way to learn about a character and their personality!

An interesting way to look at why Chibiusa is thought of as a "brat." And how Chibiusa moves away from her "brattiness" and into a great companion and friend.

An in depth look at Chibiusa's role in the anime and in the manga. Goes through all the series and highlights what happens (in general and as well as wat happens to Chibiusa-chan).

A list (as well as a text link to pictures) of each identity that Chibiusa has. Doesn't really go into depth about each persona (not needed with all the info in the outline), but gives a 2 to 3 sentence overview of each identity.

Exactly what it says. ^_^. Instead of just giving descriptions, Electra tries and give a little picture of the attack. Some of the attack pictures are quite amusing, especially The Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

Other information on Characters around Chibiusa, her friends and family, and summary of Chibi Usa's picture diary.

A brief description of the Asteroid Senshi and Diana. Two of Chibiusa's, I guess, "helpers" and what they do for her.

A description of Chibiusa's most influential friends. Setsuna and Hotaru, kinda brief and short, not a gripe, but I'd like to see this section extended a bit. It what be very interesting ^_^

These are pretty complete summaries of Chibiusa's Picture Dairy, a side story in the manga. I actually learned something here! Did you know that some of the Picture Diaries ran in Run Run? I find that quite interesting.

Oh! A change to the color blue. My kind of color ^_- This section splits up into 3 sections, Cancer (information on Chibiusa's sign), Images (a manga and anime image gallery), and Quotes (described as "Words straight from Chibiusa's mouth that define her").

The image gallery is split up into sections, manga and anime. She has few anime pictures (12 to be exact, which is plenty, seeing as there are TONS of places to find Chibiusa pictures). A wide variety of scans from the French Manga, very nice ones! The only gripe I have is that there are no text links under the image maps. They aren't necessary, but should always be an option for people who don't like waiting for image maps to load.

Really beautiful quotes selected from the anime and the manga. I really enjoyed these.

Extremely in depth look at the Cancer sign, and how it relates to Chibiusa. This page is very well organized, and once again, I've learned something new ^_^

The normal page related things, FAQ's, Copyright, Credits, and Links. All of these pages are neatly organized, and just stunning, like the rest of this page!
Final Thoughts
The greatest Chibiusa shrine I have seen in quite some time. I would really like to see this page expanded, especially in the friends and other characters section. All in all, a great shrine.

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