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Red Review

Page Title: Haruka to Michiru Ten to Kaiyo no Jinja
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Nominated by: Lashana (?)

Haruka to Michiru Ten to Kaiyo no Jinja
First Impressions
Simple, and inviting layout. A little slow loading. Effort put into this one.
Main Page
This page has a nice, although long, index page. There is a fairly long picture of Neptune and Uranus in the middle of the page, and to each senshi's direction, a list of the contents pertaining to her. Nice graphics, but I suggest trying to decrease the size of the senshi from 98 KB to something a little quicker loading. After we get past the legs of the senshi there is more on the index: the greeting! It's a little strange to have the greeting of the page so far below everything, so I suggest finding a way to put the text up higher, and also to make it a little smaller. Following the greeting are buttons that may look a little confusing to some visitors. Maybe explaining what they are would help some. =-] We also find the common SMWPR Fragment as well as other cluttered items.

This is a section on Michiru (the girls, and their senshi forms are in different sections). The usual stuff here...

Michiru's Manga Gallery
The background on this page is pretty, but some of the text overlaps the image of Michiru, making it hard to read. This section is divided into color and black and white images. Very nice pictures, some I've already seen, some I haven't. Good quality on most of them.

Michiru's Anime Gallery
One note on the background: this is an anime gallery, but the picture in the background is of manga. Oh, and as for text overlapping the background, it goes the same for this page. There are a lot more images in this gallery! But I've pretty much seen them all already.

The table layout is a bit confusing on this page. Try making it all a little less cluttered. Usual statistics found here. Interesting facts on Michiru. A nice little note about Michiru's attitude is included. It says "More to come!" at the bottom, which I'm always glad to see.

Sailor Neptune

As I stated earlier, this page separates the girls from their senshi selves. This section is on Sailorneptune.

Sailor Neptune's Manga Gallery
Same division between color and black and white images, as well as text overlapping background. Some interesting pictures in this section! I especially liked the black and white "Chibi Neptune" image. =-]

Sailor Neptune's Anime Gallery
Various anime images can be found here. I've seen most of them, and a lot of them are screensnaps.

Picture and explanation of Neptune's henshin pen. She also lists and has pictures of Neptune's attacks, one of which is the manga's Violin Tide! =-D More interesting, yet generally known, facts listed here also. Some information on the planet Neptune, as well as its zodiac symbolism.


A section on Haruka!

Haruka's Manga Gallery
Again, we find a nice background, but text overlapping it. I really do suggest putting the text in a table, to get it from overlapping the background image. Anyway, on to the images: divided into color and black and white images as well. We have some very nice, very cute, images here! I recommend this gallery for any Haruka fan! =-]

Haruka's Anime Gallery
More screensnaps! Although not all of them are...anyway, be careful because I'm almost certain that 3_omake.jpg may very well be an image of Motoki from Sailor Stars.

More stats. More interesting facts. The background in this page suits Haruka well, but may make the text a little hard to see for some. My suggestion would be to lighten it up a bit.

Sailor Uranus

Finally, the Sailoruranus section!

Sailor Uranus's Manga Gallery
There's that conflicting background/text sequence again! Aside from that, these are some pretty interesting scans.

Sailor Uranus's Anime Gallery
The layout for this gallery is OK...but now the side-scroll bar at the bottom of the browser appears, and the text scrolls off of my 800 x 600 resolution. On top of that, none of the images were found on the server, but that could've been Geocities' fault, so I'm just going to skip this section...

Like on Neptune's information page, this contains a picture of the henshin pen, as well as pictures and names of the attacks used by Uranus, including her manga attack. More facts, and information on the planet as well as zodiac meaning is put into this section. NOTE-- This page took a LONG time to load! Try getting rid of the animated GIF, and reducing image sizes...

Lover's Gallery and Information Page

More galleries!! Aarrgghh!!

Anime Gallery
Basically, A LOT of anime pictures of the couple together.

Manga Gallery
Another "404 File Not Found" page...

Educational Links

A section divided into pages each providing their own links to Japanese Language Help, Planetary Help, and Astrological Help pages.

Links and Rings!

Pretty self-explanatory...

Link to Us!, Awards, and Contact Us!

The general things usually located on a website...

Link to Us!
Basically, a collection of the buttons and banners you can use to link to this website with.

The infamous awards page...they've won one award so far. I'm not saying Nobel Prize material, but this page does deserve an award or two.

Contact Us!
A little strange section we have's the page on how to contact her! But that's not all...also posted are the poems the two senshi have written about each other. =-]

Final Thoughts
This is overall a pretty nice website. I can see it getting lots of attention in the future...just add more things, straighten out your HTML codes, and de- clutter a lot of the things and you'll be set! I hope to see more information soon. One more note-- I suggest fixing those overlapping background/text schemes, as well as moving the poetry to either its own page, or to the Lover's Section.

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