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Red Rant

What's a WPR supposed to do??

WPRs, WPRs, EVERYWHERE! And not A page to review

Yes, folks, this is the first official Fifth Witch rant, made by your faithful WPR leader, Pikurl.

As everyone may have noticed, there is a new storm of page reviewers out there. Let's see the list I have here:

And the dead/not updating WPRs:

Problems are arrising. All these pages are striving to reach for the top and to do their best to serve the Sailormoon Community. Believe me. We all are. However, when more than one reviewer features the same page, then problems arrise.

For example, this month, my first review was Apartment 201. One of this month's reviews at S.T.A.R. was also Apartment 201. This somewhat angered me because why would another review group not check the others to see which pages have been done? Is this really original? What originality is there now?

New tactics have been introduced such as reviewing fan characters, fan fiction, clubs, RPGs, etcetera. I found the concept of reviewing RPGs (by the RPG Busters) very original, but their tactics and presentation of reviews, even characters chosen, left something to be desired. Plus, how long will it be before more review groups review RPGs? Probably not long.

The reviewing of fanfiction, introduced by, I believe, S.A.R., is something I would not touch with a ten foot long pole. Afterall, it is a fan work and a person's imagination and ideas compiled into one piece of work. Even if it isn't the greatest fan character or best piece of writing, I feel that it should not be reviewed.

Of course, this is only my opinion.

What about rating the pages? Many more pages are not rating the pages as good or bad, a tactic we came up with, but are being objective. Sure, that's okay, but not original. Other pages are rating with grades: something thought up by our former Mimete, then by the Small Lady, who grades them very well with a more organized grade scale. Lots of groups are using a tactic much like the MSquad used to use: a number of objects out of 5, or whatever. The Ms used pans and stars. Other groups use other objects.

Is page reviewing really meant for the page owners now? Or is it just another trend? Are there really no more ideas in the Sailormoon community? The series ended a few years ago, and there can't be anything new to write about. Maybe we should be seeing more villains shrines, or more pages about the movies? How about pages about MIXX and about dubs in other countries? Is there nothing left but to review other pages?

Who knows what's going to happen? We may even have to resort to reviewing each other. That would mean wars and a lot of negativity.

Folks, there are other anime out there to watch, much better than Sailormoon. I mean, it's great, and it was one of the first good anime I have seen (Well, almost all anime I have seen was good, but.. [sweats]) and is one of the most popular series, especially over here, but there are broader horizons, still lots of ideas to put into webpages, and much to say about the community itself. Do we really need so many review groups, taking from each other to make into their own?

What's a WPR to do?

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"Where has all the originality gone?"