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Here at Fifth Witch, we have policies. We have been looked down on, frowned at and laughed at. Then we frown back, look down on and laugh back.

We don't just review pages.


Every Sailor Moon Webpage Review group is different. The Amazoness Quartet was the first group, they have lemures. They have rants, they have specials and they ARE the models of Webpage Reviewing. The Small Lady grades the pages based on certain criteria. A Passing grade gets an award. The Outer Senshi reviews only good pages.

What separates us from the others are actually a few things.

2. Reviewing tactics

  • 1. We email the owner of the page
  • 2. We review the whole page, page by page
  • 3. We do not do group reviews, we individually review each page
  • 4. We do not usually label the pages as good or bad.


  • We mail the page owners we reviewed for a certain reason. It is not to gain publicity. Think about it this way: If someone said something about your page which was either good or bad, and you are dedicated to your page, then wouldn't you want to know if someone wrote something about it? That is why we email the owners.
  • We review the entire page because we believe that a review is supposed to cover each page and thoroughly point out everything that is found in a page, emphasizing the good and offering suggestions to improve the not-so-good.
  • We individually review each page because that is DIFFERENT than the other page reviewers. Everyone else groups up and reviews these pages. Some use four reviewers, some two, but we do this individually. That way it can be easier to deal with mail and other factors. Another reason why we individually review is because it can take a long time to get everyone's reviews for one page up. I have seen this in the AQ quite often: CereCere would have her review up first for a couple weeks, then eventually the others follow. The way we do it, in my opinion, is the best way because you can get more reviews up in less time.
  • We do not label the pages usually because there very few perfect or truly bad pages out there. We simply give a review so you know what you're getting, if you should avoid the page or if you should really go to the page. The main reviewing reason is to help the webmaster debug and fix their webpage as best they can.
  • 3. E-mail

    Send us whatever you want. Usually Pikurl replies to and deals with the mail because she is the witch least likely to snap and go postal, plus she's usually the most approachable.

    4. Number of Reviews

    The current goal is to do at least two web reviews per month: One for the first of the month and the other for the 15th. More reviews may be done depending on how the Witches' personal lives are going and how much they have on the go with their other webpages.

    5. Pikurl's name

    How'd this get in here? Well, we spell it Pikurl because there is no exact spelling of her name. We do not want to put Pikurl/Pichurol/Ptitol, etcetera because that is way too confusing. Plus Pikurl is now an established web presence. Not many people do not know her by name.

    6. Flames

    We deal with flames by placing the flamers in the Witch Hunt. Usually flames are dealt with both Cyprine and Pikurl but are always dealt with by at least Pikurl.

    6.1 Harassment

    If you harass us or continually bother us, then we will make you regret it by publically embarrassing you in the Feature Creature.

    6.2 Guestbook Flames

    Guestbook flames will also be dealt with at the Witch Hunt.

    7. Nominations

    Nominations may be sent by the nominations form.

    7.1 Self-nominations

    I have said it before and I will say it again, only this time in bold writing and italics so you might get the picture. We do NOT accept self-nominations. We would love to help everyone, but we just can't! There are too many people out there. For every regular nomination, we receive at least two self-nominations. We just don't have the time to deal with them, so we have decided to do only normal nominations.

    7.2 Good/Bad page nominations

    We also do not accept "good page" and "bad page" nominations. Why?, you may ask? Well, there is no such thing as a perfectly flawless page and there probably isn't a completely horrible puke my guts out page unless it's super bad. If you want to nominate a bad page, then we suggest you go to The Worst Sailormoon Webpages Ever.

    7.3 Reviewing Review Groups

    Another no-no. There's no need to review the review groups because all the review groups which are known: The Worst Sailormoon Webpages Ever, The Small Lady, The "M" Squad, Outer Senshi Best of Web all practice what they preach.


    We sincerely hope we've cleared a few things up.