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A Page worth your visit!

Pikurl Now we're talkin! This page is really worth your time to visit. Not only is it original, but it's attractive! I did not find very many negative points on this page at all! It is definitely a page you want to go to, a page worth spending your time seeing.

The Good

The layout is simple and pleasing! On the main page, the author even explains in her own words what she believes Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon to be!
She makes sure that her page can be seen by both Netscape AND MSIE! Ooooh, points scored!
The background on her links menu is refreshing and beautiful!
Arashi does not have a big ego! She has a friendly disposition and is even too humble to apply for awards! Well, she just got one!
I really liked the colouring book section, it was really good. It is a feature I do not see on many pages.

The Faults

It jumps to other homepages basically than to pages within the document. That's a bit sloppy, but it's still very acceptable.

Additional Comments

This is a GREAT page! Go to it!

In case you haven't noticed, Pikurl made this page.

Pikurl Likes...



Simplicity rules
Good Layout
No broken pics
Very organized
Just go!

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