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Pikurl Laughs at...

Pikurl One sound applies to this page. "ugh.." Why? WHY? WHY? WHY? Holy smoke! Well, if you want to know why, read on. [Pikurl cannot believe she is actually taking the time to review this page, then reminds herself: "At least other people won't go here"]

The Good

It looks like the beginning of a Sailormoon pictures archive.
It sticks to the dub and makes no mention of the Outer Senshi

The Faults

I've seen all these pics, they are common and obviously stolen.
The page has a really old java geoguide and the midi would not play when the page loaded

Additional Comments

Don't even bother clicking the link to it, this page isn't even worth going to.

In case you haven't noticed, Pikurl made this page.

Pikurl LAUGHS at...

Silencer's Sailor Moon Page


Stolen Pics

Shrines have no info

Java makes my browser want to blow up

Takes a little while to load

Just another shadow in the Sailormoon universe

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