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Reviewing Comprehensive Sailormoon Pages..

Pikurl There are a lot of good points about this page and a lot of bad points. First off, there is the constant jumping between the words Scout and Senshi. The author of this page uses the Senshi to describe the Inner Senshi, but her profiles use NA terms and NA names. (AKA Scout, Serena, Lita, etc). The midis don't loop and are not annoying. The text is nearly impossible to read in the Sailorjupiter, Sailorpluto and Sailorsaturn sections. I would change that. The information is in table form, but is part of manga images. The text on the images is hard to read and small. Most information is based on observation and speculation. The real facts that I see is info that you can find basically anywhere on the net. It has a little bit of mythology on each page which I find interesting, as not many pages have it. The images on the main character menus are common and the background takes too long to load. Her spelling is atrocious. It's not too hard to run something through spell check, is it? The image gallery takes too long to load. A suggestion would be to actually shrink the pics into thumbnails into shrinking them by html. Actual thumbnails don't take much room up and don't take as long to load. Rings and clubs should have their own separate pages. This is a great page with only a few little bugs which need fixing.

The Good

Beautiful original manga pics. Many of which I have rarely seen.
She does not EVER refer to the outer senshi as 'scouts'
The mythology is a great idea
The main page is not a long loader
The kawaii Sailorsaturn dividers. Not overdone and haven't seen them before!

The Faults

Jumping from scout to senshi, scout to senshi, scout to senshi.
The form on the zodiac page. It just confuses me. Every answer seems to be 'Capricornus'. Is that right?
Additional Comments

All around, this is a very nice page. It just needs a bit of work. The images are very lovely.

In case you haven't noticed, Pikurl made this page.

Pikurl Reviews...

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Some confusion between the dub and original series
Beautiful images and is not fussy of possessive over them
Some pages have hard to read text due to a background colour
Careless spelling mistakes
Mythology references

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