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Pikurl Reviews...

Pikurl Wow. This page is really disorganized. There is much confusion between inner and outer senshi, japanese and NA versions, senshi scout, senshi scout, serena usagi, etc! There is this one picture of Mako-chan, manga style. It is overused. I realize that it is a beautiful picture, but too much of a good thing makes it grow old. The manga pictures are stunning. There are a lot of pics from the actual manga, but I find myself wondering whether or not they were scanned by her. Her info is that you can find anywhere else. No reference to episodes, the same boring stats, good old use of dub names with japanese info. The image galleries are rather sloppy. Thumbnails are wonderous things. Make some. The group images galleries especially are killers, she has pics that are 250K loading in a main area, and to make it worse, there are SEVERAL images loading in that area, all over 150K! The page is littered with poor spelling and grammar. It is not difficult to run a spell check through a document. This page needs a lot of organization. Awards can go on a separate page, as can link exchanges and the search engine. It's not a bad page. It just needs some work and organization.

The Good

Beautiful manga pictures. Many of which I have never seen on the net. She lets anyone take her images.
The search engine is something that I do not often see on a webpage. Good stuff =-] Also, the link exchange seems to be a growing trend in anime and Sailormoon pages.
The background does not obscure the text. That's a very good thing.
This girl has no ego! I have been to so many pages where the author has SUCH an ego, I leave the page in disgust.
The Faults

From research on the net, she knows a bit about the outer senshi, but still calls them scouts and refers to their NA names (if they have one)
The page needs to be more organized. There are links to everything scattered everywhere. Not everything needs to be linked with a picture. Pictures are pretty, but too many overdoes it.
Image galleries are too long to load. They really need thumbnails, or links with descriptions of the pictures. And by thumbnails, I do NOT mean shrinking the size of the picture with HTML. Just because it looks smaller does not mean that it IS smaller.
Too many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. We all make our mistakes and typos, but after awhile, the careless errors get on your nerves.
A lot of broken pics and the awards images have spelling errors on them.

Additional Comments

It's a nice page, but the loading time of most pages is enough to kill a slow connection. I am lucky that I have a faster connection than most people. I have seen a lot of the pics on this page and at the same time, have not because a lot of it was scanned from the manga. Manga is Cyprine's area, anyway.

In case you haven't noticed, Pikurl made this page.

Pikurl reviews...

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Long loader Nice images Confusion between NA and original series Disorganized in many areas Webmistress has a link exchange Search engine

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