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Pikurl Laughs at...

Pikurl Being the first one to have the odacity to flame this page, I, Pikurl will stand tall! Yes, I am reviewing the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway. I have a few thoughts before I review this page. First of all, I do not hate this page. This page used to be one of my favourite pages. Unfortunately, the design is outdated and the information is everywhere. The author of this page is not the only person who has seen the series and read the manga. The images on this page can be seen anywhere on the net. I know that this page has a lot of supporters, I also know that this page is not as good as it is cut out to be. Before you send your flame mail or hate mail, realize that we need to face a fact. The Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway, just isn't as Everchanging as it used to be

The Good

All the information on this page is accurate. It has japanese name charts, fanfiction, summaries, mythology and many other features. I am sure you have probably been to this page, it has had well over 160,000 visits. Cute logo. I have always loved that logo and am usually fairly pissed off (pardon my language) when I see it elsewhere.
Loading time is excellent.

The Faults

The background is boring and monotonous. As is the page design. This page just SCREAMS to be updated. I've seen all the images on this page, maybe because other people have stolen them, maybe not.
For someone who hates the dub so much, why does she have a link to the SOS page? Her opinions on the senshi are her own, but when you have a page with shrines to these senshi, you should not trash them. The Anti-Mercury shrine was completely unnecessary, you may as well trash all the senshi in anti shrines. We all have our favourites and we all have our dislikes.
The alignment of text just the copyright is off. It looks sloppy.
If you have onmouseover on one link, then you should have it on all the links.
I find it difficult to navigate through this page.
The senshi information is sorted with tables (like most other pages) and I see that the more she likes a senshi, the more information you find about that senshi.
In the Encyclopedia, the links to the letters don't link to the letters.

Additional Comments

This page almost seems as though it was made by the author, for the author. She does not seem to want to share her information and makes idle threats such as shutting down the gateway when she does not get what she wants. Well, what else can I say? It's a landmark in Sailormoon webpages, but needs a change. The Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway hasn't changed and is blending into the menagerie of the Sailormoon community on the web.

In case you haven't noticed, Pikurl made this page.

Pikurl LAUGHS at...

The Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway


Quick loader
Boring layout
Difficult to navigate
Biased against many senshi
Many original features
Site does not live up to its title

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