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Pikurl Laughs at...

Pikurl Well, this page isn't too too too TOO bad, but it needs a LOT of work. I have seen everything on this page from many other places. Images on this page are taken and DIRECTLY linked to Electra's pages (Electra's Spunky Sailormoon Page) and Sailor Grub's Sailormoon Manga Images. NOT TO MENTION many other pages. The cyber-pets page is annoying. It takes a zillion gabajillion years to load and is a pointless section. Cyber-pets are okay, but just don't overdo it. One is cute. Two is fine. Three is pushing it. Four or more gets really annoying. At least the author of this page decided to place it on a separate HTML file. There is the usual general confusion here and there about this and that. *AHEM* 'scout' and 'senshi' names. Oh, what a pretty email me picture on the main page! Oh, have I seen this picture before?? My my my! I believe I have! Did I do a review on the page where this is from? I believe that I did! Tsk tsk TSK!

The Good

Nice Sailorvenus background. For once, it's actually hers (I think). The pics are nice... (continued..) It loads up fast. Bonus.

The Faults

It's a shame all the pics are STOLEN and linked back from the original pages they were found at. The html is sloppy and there is some confusion between NA and the original series. My favourite word is mentioned a few times. *cough*scout*cough* The original geocities layout (Links to other sites on the web) was still there as well. The visited links colour interferes with the backgrouond and is hard to read. I suggest it be changed and also suggest that since you know how to do an active link html tag, that you change that dreadful geocities beginner template tag. This page can start on its index file page. It's a lot easier for both you and the page viewer. One more thing. GeoCities gives 6MB now. For such a small site, you don't need two GeoCities pages.

Additional Comments

There's room for improvement. In every page there's room for improvement. Some pages more room than others. This page just has a lot of room for improvement.

In case you haven't noticed, Pikurl made this page.

Pikurl LAUGHS at...

AznAngelVS's Page


Fast Loader
Stolen pics
Stolen pics link back to their original urls
Cyber-pet central, I am not kidding!
Confusion between original and dubbed series.

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