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Title:Neo Saturn's Sailormoon Homepage
Nominated By: SH
Quick Summary:
Sloppy layout; Second, third-hand information source. Needs Improvement.

Mimete's Review: Neo Saturn's Sailormoon Homepage
Ah, my first reviewing job!! The twins finally trust me again after that little mishap with the Winchester rifle and the convenience store... tee hee hee... *ahem* Well, I looked at that main page, and I tell ya, I didn't have high hopes for it. That front page was crying out to me... "Mimete, Mimete! Euthanasia, please!" Then, I remembered to take my schizo medication. *rat-tat, boom* But, since you can't always judge a book by its cover, I ventured onwards.

Main Page
I've been spoiled on pages like the SM Zone and Sailorgrub's Sailormoon Manga Images. This main page has a pretty decent layout in comparison to its subsects, but it just doesn't strike me as anything great. The title image is plain overcompressed. Neo Saturn does a nice job of giving a quick into to the page. It's short and to the point, and that's good. It's no technical marvel, but it's not gory, either. There is a copyright date given of 1996; you'd think that the webmaster might have made some progress in the past two years with HTML... but, some people have lives. ^^' I won't dwell on the layout too much. Let's move on to content...

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
Hmmm, 40K images were never my cup of tea. If there's one thing I hate, it's resizing images with the HEIGHT and WIDTH tags. It's extremely lazy and shows a lack of effort on the webmaster's behalf to produce high-quality content.

The Sailor Senshi
Hmm, something about this layout is really familiar, but I can't place it. Maybe it's just a really generic layout, but I know I've seen it before. Well, I don't feel like seeking it out, so I won't. Most pages checked out, info-wise, but most had a number of typos. There were some nits, too. I thought Ami lived in a mansion? I thought the uniform-thing with Mako was only true in the manga? Minako fought as Sailor V in England, specifically. And as for this Chiba Chibiusa business - Say WHAT? Her name is Usagi Small Lady Serenity. She wasn't bratty to EVERYONE in R and only nice to Mamoru! The Pluto page- Whoa, that font is WAY too dark. I had to highlight everything to read it. I'd rephrase that "she wants to be a seamstress when she's older" part. Sailorpluto's powers focus on wind, do they? (Hmm, what is that stuff in Dead Scream, anyways? I say it's open to interpretation). On the Uranus page, I'd rephrase the part about her wanting "to become a racer when she gets older." Her dream WAS to become a racer. Must've misread Doi's summaries. The font on Saturn's page is TOO DARK!!! "It [Death Reborn Revolution] was fully shown in the manga, and in the anime you can see some of it in the first episode." Um, no you can't. Death Reborn Revolution is only in the manga and in one of those Sailormoon fighter video games. If Starhealer is a she, why does the author still call him a he? *hold head in hands* Typo, I hope. Same goes for Fighter and Maker's pages. To me, this section seemed like it consisted of misinterpreted second and third-hand information, which I later confirmed.

Friends of the Sailor Senshi/Other Characters
This section has a really sloppy layout. It hurts my eyes to look at it. I don't think that Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen should have been put on this page, either; he really belongs in the Senshi section. For that matter, neither do Luna, Artemis and Diana. The only ones who really belong on this page are Umino and Naru... but what about Motoki, Unazuki, Usagi's family, Rei's grandfather, Yuuichirou, and Haruna-sensei? Don't they belong here, too?

The Villains of Sailormoon/Sailor Moon Villains

Sailormoon Villains
Queen Metallia is a dark red liquid? Interesting interpretation... I'll have to think about that (seriously!) "Beryl is second in command to Metallia, but she's pretty much the Queen." Isn't that like being a little bit pregnant? Sloppy layout.
Sailormoon Romance Villains
Rubeus' spaceship didn't crash into a lake, peaches. It explodes in midair (Oops, sorry if I just spoiled that for anyone.). The Death Phantom is a lot more than a big skeleton, kiddies.
Sailormoon Super Villains
"Before he was possessed he was very kind to Hotaru and loved her very much." He was kind to Hotaru when he WAS possessed, too! Something tells me this ain't first-hand info... you know, most of the information on this page is half-baked. Saturn AND Supersailormoon killed Pharoah 90. Since when am I Eudial's younger sister? *gag, retch*
Sailormoon Super Six Villains
This section wasn't up (thank the Gods). For the love of Serenity, the capital S in SuperS DOES NOT STAND FOR SUPER SIX. It's for SuperS, as in many Supers.
Sailormoon Sailorstars Villains
This section also wasn't up.

Series Summaries
Now I KNOW this set-up looks familiar, I KNOW it does. The summaries only go up to "Super Six." These all sound waaay familiar... but then again, you seen one Sailormoon page, you've seen most of them...

DIC Sailor Moon
Er, DIC has not dubbed Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Irwin Toys gave names to the dolls; no one knows if these names are official yet.

The Sailor Scouts
Surprisingly, this section is okay. Shock, shock.

The Negaverse
This section is also okay. Looks like a rehash of the Japanese villains page.

Differences Between the Two
Familiar, but accurate. Deja vu...

Neo Saturn's Sailormoon Chat
Take One:
Thank you for crashing Netscape! *sticks pins in voodoo doll*

Take Two:
Ooh, I though this was one of those crappy Parachat applets!! Applause, applause!!

Sailormoon Voting Polls
The topic is "Who is your favorite cat?"

Awards This Page has Won
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My opinions on Sailormoon
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"All pics of attacks/transformations were found at Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Team Headquarters. Some info was found at The Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway. Pics of Moon/Outers and the Inners that are in the index were found at Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier SailorMoon)." So THAT'S why this all seemed so familiar!!!

Sailormoon Links
No comment.

Well, this page was about as good as I had expected it to's not disgustingly terrible, but it's not better than average, either. There's nothing here that can't be fixed with a little elbow grease and know-how, though. I'd love to see some more personalized commentary. I also feel a bit mislead by this page; the author wants you to think that she knows what she's talking about, but the credits page reveals that the webmaster was basing the content of this page on what she'd found on other pages. Instead of passing on second-hand information, write about what you know and what you've seen. Check out the original for yourself; the Anime Web Turnpike has links to subbers and distros.

Mimete's grade: Needs Improvement

1998 Mimete
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