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Title:Hakucho-chan's 'Fun with the Senshi' Page!
Nominated By: Mimete
Quick Summary:
Leisure, fun activities, capsulized info. ^_^

Mimete's Review: Hakucho-Chan's 'Fun with the Senshi' Page
Wow, it looks like I'm going to have a LOT of fun with the senshi. Whatta set up!!

Main Page
I've died and gone to Photoshop heaven. The graphics use that super-cutesy "Virgin" font, which I adore. The image maps and header remind me of those rave fliers you see in the city sometimes (guess who collects those?), so extra brownie points there. The little picture of Hakucho-chan is really nicely done; I'm jealous. ^^'

Usagi's Diary
This is a place where you can "read about Usagi and her life as a sailor senshi." Again, the graphics are just... awesome! The actual diary entries are really cute, entertaining, and, most of all, believeable. ^^'

Ami's Fanfic/Fanart Archive
I started with the fanart first. So far, this section includes art by the page maintainer and two other people. Some of it is of the senshi themselves, and some is of fanfic characters. All of the fanart is breathtaking... there's some incredible talent on display here.

Moving on to the fanfic section... this is an archive of fanfiction by other authors. I've read some of these, but some of these I've never seen, so I'll return here some other time.

Rei's Astrology and Tarot
This is a nice section explaining astrology and star signs and stuff. It's really informative and cute. The horoscope links actually link to some page on Excite, which was a little disappointing.. but there's so much other stuff here to see and do, it's easy to let that slide. Besides, what can you expect, is she going to go and map out a personal star chart for every visitor to this page? ^^' Still, that kinda seemed like a copout.

Mako's Kitchen Some fairly simple/basic recipes are archived here for stuff like miniature pizzas, the awkwardly-titled "yummy balls," fruit pizza (which I may just try making), and an orange-pineapple shake. Cute and tasty-sounding!! I'd love it if she had a recipe for those squid-shaped things that Mako fed to Ail in Sailormoon R, or odango, or onigiri or some Sailormoon staple-food... THAT would rock.

Minako's Book of Love
This page gives a breakdown of all of the relationships in Sailormoon... handy and interesting for someone interested in that, and who isn't? It's not very meaty... in fact, it even borders on being vague. I think this section could use some expansion. It's such an interesting topic; what a shame that she didn't develop this further than listing who's in love with who.

Chibiusa's Fun Page
Some cute Javascript games, like "Fun with French" and Mad Libs... remember those? Definitely fun for the person looking to waste some time.

Hotaru's Mansion
A section on senshi profiles. I'm starting to become a little disenchanted with this page, for all of the beautiful graphics, it's a little thin on content. The selection is very thorough; Hakucho even includes the Starlights and the Asteroid Senshi from the manga.

Ah, very thorough!! Everything vital about Usagi is here, including an attack/power list, vital stats, and a longer-than-brief character anlysis. I love the setup of the page, too... it's very pleasant and easy on the oculars. Hakucho asks that any additions be mailed to her, but I don't think it's necessary!
I won't individually review these pages because the setup and execution are the same as on Usagi's page. There are no factual inaccuracies or blemishes, though I don't necessarily agree with some of her observations and opinions on the senshi. I'd like to point out, though, that the Saturn and Tuxedo Kamen pages are on the sparse side for such important characters, and the Pluto page has a lot of typos. Luna, Artemis, and Diana get lumped together on one page; another thing that I have a problem with as they are such important characters (though I'd say that they get overlooked a LOT by most webmasters). The Amazoness Quartet/Asteroid senshi also get lumped together with sketchy information.

Haruka's Webrings and Clubs
Wow!! This page belongs to exactly THREE webrings, two of which are fanclub webrings!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is probably the best thing I've ever seen! She kills two birds with one stone!!!

Michiru's Music
A pretty big collection of MIDI files for the fan who loves to play tinny versions of their favorite BSSM songs. There are a couple things here that you don't see too often, either; I was impressed and happy.

Setsuna's Fan Club HQ
This page is a whole other review into itself, so I'll skip it.

Chibi Chibi's Links
No comment except that those link-to buttons are too cute for words. ^^'

Luna's Manga Gallery
Oooh, sweet... tons and tons of black and white manga scans!! The quality is pretty decent, too, although the pages are a bit yellowed, as will happen with tankubon after a while, but that's nothing that can't be fixed in Photoshop. They are free for the taking, provided that you link back to Hakucho-chan's with one of her super cute buttons.

Diana's Chat
Wow, the second time I've stumbled onto a page that doesn't have one of those sick Parachat applets on it. I poked my head in, but no one was in there; the only signs of life were a few old profanity-laden messages.

Artemis' Book Store
Well, this is cute!! I guess has some sort of program now where you can peddle their books off of your web page. Seriously, that's a cute idea. She has five categories of books set up to choose from: Astrology, Gardening, Tarot, Health-Body-Mind, and a whoppin' two Anime books. Hmm, maybe I'll get a book on tarot...

Seiya's Polls and Quizzes
Seiya's name is misspelled in the page title and the header image. ^^" The questions? "Who is your favorite Senshi?" "Which season do you like the most?" "Do you like my page?" The quiz is pretty good, although I keep getting one wrong, and I can't figure out which.

Yaten's Postcard Center
Send postcards of your favorite senshi or many senshi to friends!! This is a cute idea, the green. The page is a bit of a pain to load, however, which I trace to a lack of thumbnails. and the resizing of gigantic pictures. Please, please, please, please, PLEASE make some thumbnails for this page!!!

Taiki's Japanese Phrases
Without a doubt, the number one most useful page on this site!! I learned a LOT from this page... in fact, I learned more from this page from multiple semesters of Japanese language courses! This is SO handy, and SO well done; I LOVE the color charts and the reference lists and everything, everything, EVERYTHING!!! For all of the people who can't get past describing everything as "kawaii", go to this page. You will learn much.

Kakyuu's Free Web Graphics
There are a bunch of buttons and a couple line dividers as well as some zipped packages of backgrounds and stuff, which I didn't download.

Asteroid Senshi's Guide to Evil
Coming soon... damn. Note that this is the only page on the whole site with a black background 'cause it's EVIL!!!! ^_^'

This page has its highs and lows. Some things are great, and some things could really use some more work. It certainly lives up to the fun part, which is what the problem seems to be. Perhaps instead of trying to inform the viewer, Hakucho-chan should stick to doing what she seems to do best-- entertaining. This is not meant as a knock or blow to the site, but a suggestion. This is a FUN page, and there are megabytes upon megabytes of pages that will inform. I'd love to see a page that knows how to have 'fun with the senshi', and this page is just the one to do it. In fact, it already IS doing it.

Mimete's grade: Very Good!! B+

1998 Mimete
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