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Title:Illusions of the Moon!
Nominated By: Mimete
Quick Summary:
Basic information, image gallery, graphics

Mimete's Review: Illusions of the Moon
The presentation is nothing short of spectacular. Graphics are clean and sharp, text is tidy and streamlined, the background recreates a "screen" a la Pluto Planet Power, and is apt to make you drool with hunger. Will this page's content be able to match up to the cover? Let's hope so...

Main Page
The main page is so.... brilliant! It's exemplory of the trend in newer SM pages to be incredibly well-executed on a first try. I'm forced to wonder just how much time and effort has gone into this page, and I have a feeling it's a lot.

This is the first time I've read an introduction about Sailor Moon that isn't completely cliched, as in "Sailor Moon is a show about a clumsy, crybaby 14-year-old girl..." I'm amazed at that. This just can't be possible.

Hmm, this starts out the same as most pages, unfortunately. This is pretty generic info. I found that I had to reread this page about three times... ho hum. SAILORMOON R
Good thing I reread this a couple times, because I realized that there's a lot of info carelessly mixed in... pet peeve, pet peeve... One minute Chibiusa, next minute Rini... make up your mind. Then again, who doesn't already know the story of Sailormoon? *yawn*

SAILORMOON S This info is all correct, although a bit sketchy. No other problems/praise...

Outer Senshi appear once? Well, Uranus and Neptune appear in that special, and the three main Outer Senshi (minus Saturn) appear in the SuperS movie. Just thought I'd clarify. Once again, the info is brief and sketchy.

Also known as Sailormoon Sailorstars. Yes, yes, I'm a nitpicker, I know. Ack, spoilers, eek... There's a lot of info left out here that really shouldn't have been.

All in all, I give the "Introduction" a grade of C... points off for lack of effort.

Oh man, this ought to be fun... I hate looking at profile pages, because they are ALL the same. There is NOTHING NEW to be said about any of the senshi...

Huh. Looks like I've been saved!!! Er, apparently, the profiles section is no more. ^^' Just as well, gives me more space to write about other things...

Now we're cookin'. The entire gallery isn't up yet... but it seems like a good chunk of it is...

Oh, CHOICE!! There are THREE PAGES of some of the most beautiful, rarely-seen pics of Usagi here!! Tasty! I'm impressed, and the whole page took about five seconds to load!!! Props!!!
Oooh, this is nice, too... not as nice as the Usagi page, and there's only one page. I've seen some of these around...
Nah.... I've seen some of these... and some I haven't. Wow!
Most of the Mako pictures are ho-hum... nothing super-spectacular here.
Eh.... so-so. I've seen better. Once again, kudos for the SUPER-QUICK loading time! :) At least I'm not having to wait ages for this to load only to not be really impressed!
The Chibimoon section is well-stocked with lots of lovely images, particularly some cute doujinshi illustrations. Chibimoon fans, rejoice!
I don't think there's such a thing as an original image of the Outer Senshi. ^^"
I don't think there's such a thing as an original image of the Outer Senshi. ^^"
I don't think there's such a thing as an original image of the Outer Senshi. ^^"
I don't think there's such a thing as an original image of the Outer Senshi. ^^"
Eeek, barren. Some nice pics, though.
HEY! This link just took me back to the Usagi page!!! Whatta gyp!
Cats and villains, oh my! Nice pic of Luna in human guise from the S movie, as well as a nice pic of Neherenia. Page Two has some nice Kakyuu pics.
Cute, but been there, done that.
Once again, I found myself back at the Usagi/Sailormoon page of images.
See above... (this makes me long for the homemade "404 Not Found" page...)
Gee, guess what happened?
Huh, well, it's about time. Nice doujinshi pic of Haruka and Michiru. Generally, a nice grouping of images.

I give this section an B- on the grounds that it was kinda half-baked.

Here, we have a look at the relationships in Sailormoon... at first, I was a bit taken aback to see that Rose had included "Saturn - Chibiusa" as one of the couples... isn't that a little weird for a romance section. However, never being one to judge a webpage by its table of contents, I trudged on.

Moon - Mamoru
Shouldn't that be "Moon - Kamen", or "Usagi - Mamoru?" Moving on... uh, nope, it's under construction.
Moon - Chibiusa
Shouldn't that be... okay, okay... I'll get on with it.
Wow. There is a great, short essay here about Chibiusa and the relationships that she forms thorughout the series, with a focus on Sailormoon R. I don't want to spoil it... just read it. I love it when people write stuff like this. ^^
Another eloquent and fluid essay here, this time about the relationship of Hotaru to Chibiusa. Rose has total control of her writing.
Hurray, she got the name-groupings right! Wow.... I'm just totally blown away by the way that THIS GIRL GETS IT. Her analysis of our favorite same-sex duo, their chemistry, their oppositeness, their partnership... is right on the money, and it's just so.... great!
Some love triangles.
This section was under construction at the time of this review

This section wasn't so much about romance as it was about love and all of the different forms of it in the show. Might not be a bad idea to rename this section. My grade is an A-.

I do not feel that I should make any commentary on personal opinion, so I won't. Tough cookies.

What else could it be? Nicely split into sections for your convenience, reminds me of the "Crystal Points" in Millennium Whatever-Number-He's-On-Now.

Here's where we find about the author... once again, I was amazed by the age of a SM webmaster. Rose is 14 years old, and puts those of us who are older than her to shame when it comes to layout and design, not to mention writing ability. Wow.

This is a stunning new page... it's bright, clean, and beautiful. It's also immature, but I'm sure that, like a fine wine, its taste and flavor will improve with age. The sections that are available are, for the most part, rare and priceless treasures for the most discerning of web browsers... then, there are also many disappointments with this page in its incompleteness. I will return here again many times before its completion, that is for sure... but whether or not it will live up to all that it promises with its seductive layout remains to be seen.

Mimete's grade: Incomplete/C+

1998 Mimete
Design, content 1998 The Fifth Witch
Sailormoon is Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha/Toei Animation
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