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Reviewing Manga Sailormoon Pages..

Pikurl I realize, that as a new page trying to break in, it is rather foolish of me to be badmouthing one of the most popular pages on the topic of Sailormoon. This page does have its good points, but it also has its bad.

Of course, this page doesn't really fit in the crappy pages category. But does it really fit in the good pages? The pictures are of course wonderful but they aren't the only place to be found. There are actually FTP sites and other pages that have the same pictures, and you can take them! Even if you took away her pictures, there would still be information like the Love-Hate lists and the summaries of undubbed NA episodes. So why do I have a problem with this page? Well, it simply annoys me how everyone will look the other way just because she has manga pictures. On most pages that have HTML pointers the most common tips are: not to have more pictures than content, not to overload your pages with pictures, finish before you announce it, update at least once in awhile. SailorMoon CyberCity breaks all these rules -- and is still rather popular.

The Good

This page has wonderful images. She's a little uptight about them being stolen (the Internet is a public domain!) but I imagine she's had lots of problems.

The Faults

It's rarely updated and is still unfinished.

Additional Comments

This page was originally slated to be in the bad pages category, but it's just too good for that.

In case you haven't noticed, Cyprine made this page.

Cyprine recommends...

SailorMoon CyberCity


good pictures, good info
patronizing attitude
rarely updated
original ideas

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