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Reviewing Manga Sailormoon Pages..

Pikurl The thing I first noticed about this page is the author's attitude. She actually lets you take her pictures, which is very nice! And usually when I see one of her images on someone's page, the person usually had enough good sense to credit her. She tries hard to give you original, not seen often pics, like scans from Artbook 5. She makes wonderful logos and image maps and her pictures are spectacular! Sailor Grub also has neat things like contests -- and the prizes are manga stickers and cool stuff like that!

The Good

This page is astounding and the author has devoted herself to another side of the image controversy -- Free the Image campaign.

The Faults

Some pages are a little image heavy.

Additional Comments

This page is not to be missed. For webpage excellence, go here!

In case you haven't noticed, Cyprine made this page.

Cyprine Recommends...

Sailor Grub's SailorMoon Manga Images


wonderful pictures
you're allowed to TAKE the pics! yay!
good design and layout
original ideas

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