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Reviewing Manga Sailormoon Pages..

Pikurl This is another page I had trouble categorizing. On one hand, what is there is correct and good. On the other, it is not appropriately themed nor named.

For one thing, it is not a page of "insanity". Everything is very cute and is based on the "cute" characters -- Chibi-usa, Usagi, Usagi and Mamoru, and so on. The pictures are all manga pictures, but that is all it offers in the way of being manga based. No manga information or summaries or anything else to distinguish it. There are some interesting features like mythology and such, unfortunately those pages have a glaring background that blocks the text (which is a light colour and not even made bold or anything).

The Good

Good images, some interesting subpages.

The Faults

Not what you would expect from title and opening paragraph; same old stuff everywhere else

Additional Comments

This page is a good visit, but not a must see.

In case you haven't noticed, Cyprine made this page.

Cyprine Recommends...

The Sailormoon Page of Insanity


interesting features
extremely cute pictures
not really manga nor insanity themed
rarely updated

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