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Page Title: Moon over Tokyo
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Nominated By: Pikurl
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Original, attractive, no ego! Credit is given where due.

Pikurl's Review: Page Title Here
First Impressions
What a cool title! The banner I clicked through was very attractive, and so is this site's background!

Main Page
The title of the page is still really cool! I can't get over it. =-] It takes a little while to load because it is graphics rich. The background is absolutely beautiful. Each pic on this page has the author's own personal touch added. The text is a regular Times New Roman, only size is probably H2 and it's italicized. It looks nice though, I think it's a nice touch. The image map is lovely, but i suggest text links in a smaller sized font beneath it so people who cannot see images can navigate through the page. The screen looks as though it has been optimized for a 600x400 resolution. What's this? She offers backgrounds and neat stuff like that! Bonus points! The page was updated recently, which is good and finally, the banners are really nice. (even though I've mentioned that already)

Kawaii background! The spelling, grammar and punctuation on this page is stellar! I am a stickler for spelling and grammar usually and this page gets gold stars. It was a good idea for the author to suggest similarities between herself and Usagi. The personal opinion is also really good because you do not see that very often. Finally, after all the information, is your generic table information about the character.

She speaks through Usagi's point of view. Not many pages can pull this off, but I could believe this because the author writes as though she actually is that character and feels that that character feels. The background takes a long time to load here, and there is a lot of usage of the word "scout". Maybe this person has only seen the dub? I cannot say.

Circle of Friends
The first thing I thought as I loaded this page was, "Will she mention anything about Usagi and Rei's friendship?" but she did not. Instead, this is simply a links list of the best shrines to each individual "scout" (in her opinion). The image map does not work here; only one link on the map works. Once again, I suggest smaller text below the map in case the links do not work in the image map. (Exactly what has happened here.)

Image Gallery
This page takes awhile to load, but that is because they are all thumbnails. It's understandable. The background takes too long to load, but that's cuz it's really big in K size. Hmm, the thumbnails have loaded. WOW! I haven't seen a lot of these pictures on the net! Wow! What a nice collection! Bravo!

Just a bunch of links to traders and an opinion on each of the Anime and Sailormoon sites.

The background takes too long to load. Mostly banners, one banner is broken.

100 Smack
She gives credit to who she got this idea from. It's basically personal information.

All I have to say is that this person has a lot of Sailormoon merchandise.

Only three rings! YAY! The first ring has broken images though.

All links here, except for one member badge.

This is fine. Good stuff. No application form, but it's just as okay to send in email.

Final Thoughts
The author of this page is obviously very intelligent and educated. A lot of work was put into the construction of this home page and it really shows. She gives credit where it is due, unlike many others these days, and all the images are absolutely gorgeous. It's a great place to visit, I would suggest you pay a visit. Just look out for long loading of backgrounds mostly and a couple of broken images. Oh, and the image maps should be fixed.

1998 Pikurl
Design, content 1998 The Fifth Witch
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