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Page Title: Meow Mix
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Nominated By: Pikurl
Quick Summary:
Cute name, mostly accurate info, fast loading, attractive.

Pikurl's Review: Meow Mix
First Impressions
Not a cats shrine.. most of the pages dedicated to the cats are really lousy.

Main Page
{page loads} Oh, very nice indeed! The bordered background isn't overdone, isn't flashy and gives the page a warm and friendly feeling. I really like the font the author used to write "Meow Mix" at top of the page. It's fast loading and attractive. Everything's laid out for me to find and I don't have to go on a scavenger hunt to find any links.

Useless Mooncat Facts

These facts aren't useless. I actually learned things here. Besides the constant usage of the word scout, it's okay. It wouldn't be bad if the person was talking about just the dub, but since she talks about the S and SuperS seasons, senshi would be the accurate term. There are a few toss ups between DIC and the original version, like field mouse pudding for example was a dub phrase. There's a typo also which might wanna be fixed. frist = first?


The images are really soft, almost dreamlike. It gives the page sort of a flashback theme. The author uses Senshi/Scout terms (Usagi/Serena) which is good so not to confuse all those NA Dub fans out there.

Mooncat Mythology

This is all info, with some links to the characters. It's all organized on coloured tables and isn't just a lump of text jumbled together like we so often see on Sailormoon pages

The Moon Kitties' Humans

At first I thought this was about the human forms of the moon cats but it's about the owners of the cats; just short descriptions. This page is basically sticking to just the moon cats, making simply a mention to who their 'owners' are.

Other Cats in Sailormoon

Refers to the dub, and forgot Tin Nyanko

Moon Kitty History

DIC DIC DIC. It appears as though the author is trying to refer to the original series since she says Queen Selenity rather than Queen Serenity but she uses terms such as 'Silver Crystal' and Negaverse. This is just picky picky, but I'm picky picky Pikurl.


A lot of people neglect the Seiyuu on their pages. The author admits she's never heard Luna's Japanese voice. (which leads me to believe she's never seen the original series and has simply done her research well) Links back to Hitoshi Doi's page shouldn't say 'here', it should say Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, or Doi's page or something similar to that so people know where they're going.

Moon Kitty Fan Club

Kawaii pic once you go into the joining section! Going down the page is a form, nice and neat, very good. The club "badges" are small which is also good. Fast loading page despite the pics. The members section is just a list of members. It was a nice nice thought on their behalf to make a member who passed away an honorary member.

Multilingual Moon Kitties

The author has the word cat in most languages and the word Moon in only japanese and english. She's working on getting all her translations. Everything's in neat table form, pretty colours.

Moon Kitty Grams

Postcards! {waits for the page to load} Nifty font at the top of the page. 4 cards, not thumbnails but show the actual size. (they aren't big cards in K size or pixel size) Cute card designs!


The question this time is 'Why aren't there moon dogs?' I've never heard that one before, definitely original. =-]

Scratching Post

Monthly rant page. The picture at the top is a rather angry pic of Luna bearing her claws. She (the author) rants about GeoCities Watermarks and Popup windows.


You Know You're Obsessed With The Moon Kitties When. A lot of pages are adopting this idea. It's a good idea because it's a lot of personal and original input most of the time. Spelling/typographical errors are scattered across the page here. Overall though, they're nothing big and can be fixed.

Luna becomes human

About the S movie with pictures to illustrate scenes. It doesn't really talk about the plot of the whole movie, it just talks about Luna becoming human.

Thanks and Credits

Simply thanks all the people who helped her. Has a nice human luna manga pic at the top of the page.


Has all recent updates. When i came here on the 8th, it was last updated on July 6 and 7. This page also has what's to come.


No Fifth Witch link? Oh well! Has moon cat links, Sailormoon links and non SM cat links.

Webrings and Clubs

5 webrings, no clubs, fairly fast loading. Etc shouldn't be spelled ect.

Support us

Banners to link the page and a special thank you for visiting from the author

Final Thoughts

Good page! attractive, fast loading but has little errors which can draw away from the presentation such as spelling and typos. This is definitely a good page to visit.

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Sailormoon is Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha/Toei Animation
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