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Red Review

Page Title: Warriors and Roses
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Nominated by: Our former Tellu

Warriors and Roses
First Impressions
I kind of thought I'd be getting a "mixed bag" page, with some decent stuff and some crappy, but it turned out to be a better than I expected. Graphically and layout-wise, it could still use some work, but it's got potential, and some decent content to back it up.
Main Page
This was part of why I wasn't too sure about this page. I liked the idea for the layout, but the page is really long-scrolling, and spaced very far apart. The links worked a little strangely, in that I clicked on a blank spot on the page, only to be taken to one of the sub-sections before I was ready. I think that's probably part of the spacing problem. I think the directory could be placed a lot closer together, because it would make for a shorter index page, and it would still look orderly and unified.
Senshi Information
These pages have pretty basic information, mostly statistics and attacks like a lot of other places. I liked the way the author gives her thoughts about each senshi, because it's very personal and from the heart. I also liked the idea of including short sound bites of each senshi's voice, but I would suggest using more .wav files, because the sound quality is much better than in .au.
The enemies are organized into their respective groups, and there is a short paragraph about each one. She refers to Pikurl as "Ptilol," and there is also a broken link that should lead to the second page about the Dead Moon Circus. It says that it's only "partially completed," but it would be so much better to make a simple "Coming Soon" page, or just not link it at all until it's ready.
Satika's Corner
Updates, announcements, awards, etc. The page design is nice, even though the top and side images didn't load adjacently when I viewed it. My guess is that it was designed in 640 x 480.
This is a rotating "shrine" page, about a different character. This month it's Galaxia. I thought the design of the index was nicely done image-wise. The Powers sub-section had some decent nformation. I don't think I get the part at the end about Galaxia thinking that "she was once 'trash' on a planet of 'trash'," but I'm no expert on Galaxia, so I'll let you be the judge of that. Very nice display of screen shots on her attacks! I haven't seen many of these images before. A nice section focusing on Chaos. Nice idea with the focus on her battle behaviors. Unfortunately, the text on the "Good Galaxia" section didn't show up at all, because the table tags weren't closed at the end of the page. In all of these sections, she distinguishes between manga and anime, which I liked. This Shrine section overall has a much more attractive look than the other parts of the page so far.
This is a section is devoted to the NA Dub, and includes separate info and stats on the 5 "Scouts" the Dub has shown so far. I liked the section on things that were censored from the Dub.
Save As...
A little "zine" the author makes, with some decent free backgrounds and things. The section on Style Sheets is very different from the usual Web Help stuff you can get at. I totally agree with her on "Ten things that should NOT go into a web site."
The Story So Far
This is basically about things that led up to Sailormoon. I was happy to see a separate section about Codename: Sailor V, but I wish she had told more about the actual plot. There's some good info about Naoko, and some things that I'd never heard before. It also has her address, which I hear a lot of people have a hard time finding.
Satika Says
A personal editorial section. Nice layout here, and the article is something that a lot of people would probably agree with.
Miscellaneous stuff, like it says! Some cute Javascript things here, and a poll. Nice looking index page.
Not a whole lot of links, but she tells you about each one, which is nice. Simple layout, but quick to load.
Final Thoughts
This page is kind of mixed up overall. There were some "blah" items like the moldy old statistics and attacks, but there were also some really cute ideas that I hadn't seen before. The layouts were also similar...some pages were well-designed and attractive, but others were kind of boring. But none of the layouts are out-and-out terrible or annoying. I think that this page would improve by leaps and bounds if she could take some of her better designs and use them throughout the page, instead of in just a few places. This page is a good effort, and I think it's worth a visit. Once it gets through its growing pains, I think it will be much better.

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