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Red Review

Page Title: Brett and Jodie's Outer Senshi Webpage
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Nominated by: Anonymous

Brett and Jodie's Outer Senshi Webpage
First Impressions
Mmmm.. Outer Senshi [Homer drool] I hope this is a good page!
Main Page
Fast loader. That's a beautiful background of the Outer Senshi and of Sailormoon. Also, a rarely seen picture at the top of the page. Layout of this page seems fairly generic. No tables, all vertical placement. A beginner's page, obviously. The loading time is excellent. The page only took a few seconds to load up. Okay, scrolling down. Not too much to scroll. Hm. text. Ugh.. punctuation? any? PLEASE?? God.. Punctuation makes things easier to read.. It would be a good idea to add some periods in your sentences. [snort] Awesome links, ne? I believe I detect an ego. [heroic stance, mouth moves fast but words come out Godzilla style] I must save the web surfers from the ego! Witches and children first!
Brett's opinion
Brett's senshi opinions based on favourites. Let's see here. Nice neptune background, but using a table would help to keep the text off of the side border. He thinks Neptune rocks a monkey's ass. Interesting choice of words. [sweats] I hardly believe any character in BSSM is perfect in anyway, but this is just opinion. Again, no punctuation. Is this guy trying to break the record for world's longest sentence? Or is his keyboard just missing a period or exclamation key? Since when is Saturn funny? She isn't always trying to cheer people up. She's too busy trying to destroy the universe as Mistress Nine to cheer people up. Apparently Setsuna takes a liking to a brat named Rinnie. [cracks up] That's a new one. "6. SAILOR MARS SHES THE MOST RUTHLESS CHARACTER I JUST LOVE HER RUDE ATTITUDE WHICH ROCKS MY WORLD SHE HAS THE MOST GUTS OUT OF THE OTHERS AND THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK SHES RUDE AND HARSH AND ALWAYS CUTTING DOWN USAGI REALLY NEED TO STOP WATCHING DIC SAILOR MOON." Since you used "Rinnie", I make the assumption you also watch DIC Sailormoon. Did I also mention that I hate caps? It's hard to read everything when it's all in caps, plus it makes one seem arrogant and loud. Hm Hm Hm. Definitely a dubbie because the author says scouts instead of soldiers. Jupiter is not always the strongest in battle as well. Sailormoon is and then the Outer Senshi. Blah. This guy seems to hate the Starlights. Ugh, I can't read this anymore. It's opinionated, but the info given is partially incorrect. It's all vague and known information piled together in poor spelling, grammar and mechanics.
A DiC type story covering the first season of Sailormoon. All in caps and without sentence structure. The picture at the top is broken because it links to his hard drive. He might be able to see it but nobody else would be able to see it.
Broken picture linked to a hard drive picture again. Do I really need to go through this? He lists his favourite villains based on his opinions and offers more false information through a jumble of capital letters. Just a few nit-picks. Phora Ninty should be Pharoah Ninety, He completely misses the Fifth Witch (Who was the most powerful Witch). Mis spelled names in the Anima mate section: Tin Nyoco? Gomen ne, but no. Same with "Galixia". [shakes head sadly] To clear you up a bit, FishEye is male. The only real punctuation is used to talk about the Ayakashi Sisters: "I. LOVE. THEM." [no comment]
Questions and Comments
E-mail Link
Profile Page

HUUUUUUGE pic! Holy smackers! Luckily I have a 56K modem, but those poor souls who do not will be lagging and putt putt putting on as this baby loads. The rest of the page is fast loading though. Here we have profiles of the Outers. I suspected it would be about the author, but it isn't. =-]

Sailor Uranus: broken

Sailor Neptune: broken

Sailor Pluto: broken

hmm.. okay, maybe Saturn is up. [clicks link] Ah! It's up. Sailor Saturn An Usagi background at the top of the page. Makes no sense to me. I guess it was just an error, but there seems to have been a lot of those here so far.. Boring stats.. Here's help: Favourite Sport: NONE. Hotaru does not play sports. HOPES TO GO TO: florence.. (Since when?) Broken pic linked to the hard drive again. This is a huge blurb of words again, all in caps and none punctuated with nothing more than commas. "Kaori the nasty housekeeper"?? Oh geez. She was one of Tomoe's minions, not the housekeeper. Maybe posing as one, but she didn't ever seem to clean house. Just flirt with the professor and wear small articles of clothing while not sending daimons after the Sailorsenshi. "HOTARU IS BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE AND WILL SOON BE PLAYING AGAIN IN THE 6TH SEASON OF SAILORMOON WHICH THE WRITERS AND CAST ARE DISCUSSING" WRONG WRONG WRONG! UGH! CAPS! UGH! SIXTH SEASON! UGH! UGH! UGH! [loses it] THERE WILL BE NO SIXTH SEASON! [goes into convulsions]

Picture of the Month
A Very lovely picture of Sailorpluto and Chibi Usa from a Media Book cover. All backgrounds are made by "Anna" (Or so we assume) and he gives thanks to people whose names are aliases of, of course, characters from both the DiC and Japanese Sailormoon.
Final Thoughts
This page has potential, but does not live up to it. Write in normal text so your text can be read, and use punctuation and sentence structure. Also, upload your images and link to the uploaded images. Finally, run a spell checker through your work and make sure you post correct information. If you compile correct information with your already pleasing attributes like backgrounds, then your page will be a lot nicer to browse through.

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