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Red Review

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Nominated by: Jupe

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First Impressions
This is drop-dead beautiful. I haven't seen a layout quite like this before!
Main Page
Fast-loading, blue scheme, adorned with beautiful manga images. The mouseovers work too! Links here are "learn" "see" and "do". This is one of the nicest Mercury shrines I've seen in a long time.

One word: WOW. This is so pretty! Simple, fast-loading, and pretty! Many info sections about Ami and shows defense for the usual trashing of her character. The table background is gorgeous!

A Closer Look
Speaks of how underappreciated Ami is. This section is graphically intense and loading is a bit of a pain, but it doesn't interfere with any of the information, so while you load the page for info, you also load images and don't really have to wait!

Ami's Profile
Boring stats, plus dubbed info about Amy Anderson. I would love to see some Japanese or even manga summaries, but that can wait until the author reads the manga and sees more of the original.

Friends and Lovers
Pretty manga pictures adorn this page, as well as the cute flowers down the sides. It really suits the page and is pleasant to look at. She speaks of Ami's closest encounter to love with Ryo (That's Greg to you NA viewers)

She's got the Power
Here Mooch addresses the conflicting question, which senshi has the most power. I like the way she describes this.

Mercury's Manoeuvres

Astrology 101

Aqua Mirage
This is a section about how Ami is inside, how she keeps to herself and what her hopes and dreams are. One of the images in this section are broken.

Little things you may not have known about Ami are emphasized here in point form. The links to the tacky outfits Ami wears are broken.


The rounded corners seem to be a really popular webpage technique, and I can see why! Gorgeous table background images show up as well as a pretty Ami pic along the side.

Anime Gallery
Easy breezy thumbnails. These images seem to mostly be from cards and many of the images here are ones I've never seen before. I like the text effect of the "Anime Gallery" title. Mooch credits all the people who gave her images as well as offers a text list of links. There are two pages of images here.


List version
A table of the images as well as the image size. A small suggestion and nit-pick: the table would look better if there was cellspacing=0 in the <table> tag.

Manga Gallery
Fewer images than the anime section. This layout is slightly different; elegantly laid out and pleasing to the eye as well as fast loading. Again there are two pages of images.

Fan Art Gallery
How cute! I love the little rabbits =-] Mooch shows text links of her own and others' fanart of many different characters and not only Mercury. A few of the links are broken, but the links that do work go to stunning works of art


As demonstrated throughout her page, the layout and graphics are fantastic! In Do, there is multimedia, links, sounds and animations, music and kiss dolls.

cute flowers =-] two of the links are defunct though.

Midis and MP3s of songs from the dub and from the original japanese version

Shows animated gifs of some of Ami's attacks - Made by Mooch. One of the thumbnails is broken.

Three lists: Mercury shrines, general shrines and other types of shrines.

Final Thoughts
If there were no broken links, this would probably be my favourite Mercury shrine. The content is excellent and the site is very attractive. There are just a few minor glitches such as broken links and some broken pics. these imperfections distract from what would normally be a very beautiful site.

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