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  April 1998

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Welcome to my Sailor Scout homepage

Here's Why:

  • *.art flies? Direct links to files on the C:\ drive?
  • Setsuna is not Mieou!
  • Big mess of a layout!

Positives About The Page:

  • Some of the info is correct and ok but can be found anywhere else on a much better laid out site.
   Nominated by: GhostCow, Kiyone Mabiki and demonstalker



"Is this site abandoned?" That's what I had to ask, due to all the broken links. However, then I noticed a weird link on the page, a link to a file on this guy's C: drive! So I open up the old page source window and find all the pics except the background and banner are linked to his C: drive as well! As for the two files that aren't linked to the C: drive, they are both .art files. Those files work fine in IE but show up as broken links in Netscape. The background, for those of you can't see it, totally clashes with the text and makes this page and hard one to read. I think this page must have been made on a Hard Drive, then not properly edited when it was uploaded, at least that's what I hope happened!
The fun doesn't stop there! "Lita's hobbies are ballet, basketball, skating..." ummm since when? Skating maybe, but the others? The ages listed for the most part are also totally out to lunch!


Okay, I just have to paste this: 'Haruka is quiet and keeps to herself.' Excuse me while I laugh. The character ages were also whacked out. Most of the character ages given are wrong. Michiru is not 14 and Chibi-Usa is not '5 or a couple hundred years'. The manga was fairly specific in saying 900. And I'd be frightened if I met anyone with a 3000 IQ (as he says Ami has). The first non-broken image link I encountered was on Ami's page, btw. My advice, just skip it, and don't look back.


From the start, the set-up is crappy. It matters little that none of the pics work except for like two or three; even if they did, it'd still look bad just from the placement of everything. Second, since when has anyone in their right mind listed Sailormoon's character page last? Okay, where in God's name are these people getting all these stupid ideas about the senshi? That was what I was thinking when I went through the character pages. I would list my complaints like I normally due, except all of these are so screwed up it would be take a really long time to do so, and I don't feel like it. I'll just say that all the profiles and information are totally incorrect and wrong. That's basically it since that's all this boy has on his page- broken pic links and bad info.


[ParaPara was on vacation this month]

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