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  February 1999

The TV Series that changes its name.

Here's Why:

  • Ahww, yes... a sixth season called "Sailor Princess".
  • Hard to read against backgrounds.
  • Sailor V was a full TV series? Sorry, wrong again...

Positives About The Page:

  • Ummm... stretching... stretching... ummm it loads fast?
  • (CereCere:) Stretching more... The author has an over active imagination. (PallaPalla: Is that a GOOD thing?!)
   Nominated by: Cyborg Mermaid and MoonBrat



Is this a joke?
Someone is either pulling our collective legs, or they were really misinformed, or they really want to make up stuff to fool people. Hmm... No email, so I am guessing this person knew they were going to eventually end up with this award or have been emailed about this before.
First of all there isn't a sixth season of Sailormoon. There hasn't been one made. There isn't one going to be made in the near future! Even if it was made there is no way it is going to being mass released in North America! Dic hasn't even done SMS yet, why are they going to dub a so-called last season?
That's not all folks. The writer of this page claims the second episode, which wasn't shown in North America, reveals what happened to the Kings and men of the series. By Kings I can only assume the author means the four Generals. The story of the real second episode was never like that. So much of this page is made up, it even says there were two alternate endings to SailorStars. One ending which we all know of, and another one made for HDTV.
For those of you who don't know (and I'm starting to wonder if the person who wrote this thing even knows) HDTV stands for High Definition TV. Something relatively new in North America. Very few channels actually offer programs in HDTV format. HDTV offers viewers a better quality picture, not made-up seasons or alternate endings. Besides, it does not make a difference if a program is in HDTV format. Regular TVs can still view HDTV programs. It's like how most TV programs are now offered in stereo, but you can't hear it in stereo unless have a stereo TV. However, you can still watch it and hear it.
Thus ends our lesson on the latest in TV technology.
I really hope this site was made up by the author. Because if it isn't and someone was actually told this, it scares me to think that incredibly stupid rumors like this are circulating around.


To say that this page is whacked is an understatement. While looking over pages, we certainly encounter enough 'little' mistakes, but this is just one big mistake. I won't harp on about how there isn't a 6th season of Sailor Moon. I would be dancing in the streets with joy if there was a 6th season, I can assure you. I did find some links that were supposed to lead to Real Audio takes from this season, but when I went to download them (surprise) I didn't come up with anything.
Let me paste the description of the S season: "This part of the Series is Silly, Funny and Boring! The plot is weak. We are introduced to four new Sailor Scouts and no new powers." Anyone with even an inkling of knowledge about the S season will know that this is flat out wrong. S is arguably the most plot-driven season of the series and much of it you won't be laughing at. The only thing funny around here is how off this page is.


Okay... Sailor V has a princess for a mom, is a tomboy, has a twin sister, and turns her enemies into dust. Alrighty. Sailor Moon- what the HELL? Episode 2 supposedly reveals what happened to the "Kings and Men" which is ?? Twins? Lita's a brown-haired Rei? Ami is an "Equal Opposite"? What?! Anne and Allen? Now SMR is the "Small Lady Series" and "This Series ends, because there was a child involved, with a happy ending" SM is "Silly, Funny and Boring" and has some funky explanation of the season involving a "lady" and some ideas that "Shock" kids and Starhealer's girlfriend is killed off. The girl likes SuperS and says it actually has a plot, and that she likes "Aria and A-ko". I don't understand the concept of SailorStars and HDTV and why they'd be different. I don't get what she's trying to say at all, and I'm so sure that she herself of this crappy website would be personally lettered about to conveniently not make any video captures or "ANYTHING" from this series. I went to the link page to see if it said this was a joke, saw nothing except "Terry, Steve, and Nathan" and secret special video clips, wow. :P


I have *NEVER* in my life seen such a bad webpage. I'm trying to be nice here, but there is seriously NOTHING to be nice about, except maybe some semi-nicely made graphics.
Let's begin, first the author claims that there are six seasons of Sailormoon. This is false. He/She claims Codename: Sailor V is an anime series. Uhh...NO. NOT quite. The author also says that there is a series called Sailor Princess (would this be the seventh series?), but I'll get into that later.
In the Code Name Sailor V section we see a HUGE screencapture of Sailor V from the first season of Sailormoon. There is some weird babble about Sailor V, but since I'm not too knowledgeable on that series, I'll let someone else talk about it.
Now we move to the Sailormoon series "summary:" Earlier, on the Code Name Sailor V page, the author claimed that Sailor V had a twin sister. On this page he/she states: "This TWIN SISTER -thing- never was released to the see it was revealed in episode #002 "The time for Power" what had happened to the Kings and Men --in this Series. must not have been important."
First off, Episode #2 is called Oshioki yo! Uranai House wa Youma no Yakata and has absolutely nothing to do with Kings or Men or twin sisters. The episode "summary" list says "--come-on-- what would you expect with a name like Rei." Uhh, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean and most likely neither does anyone. Her entire episode overview is screwed up.
You know what I get a big kick out of? The fact that this person acts like some sort of expert on the show.
Anyway, onward to the SailormoonS section (The SMR section had nothing on it really). Now, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion..But here's a quote about SailormoonS "This part of the Series is Silly, Funny and Boring!. The plot is weak. We are introduced to four new Sailor Scouts and no new powers." Well, I'd hardly call the series's incredibly dark, and I seem to think introducing four new Senshi with their own new powers is interesting. But hey, whatever. Here's another lovely quote: "The little girl becomes Sailor Satern B) Her transformation kills Star Healers Girl friend (Sailor Moon pulled that goof! [Sailor Princess spoiler])" Uhh, Sailorsaturn never transformed in SailormoonS or any series...and why would Sailorstarhealer have anything to do with a series that took place before the character was even introduced in the manga? OH! Geez, I forgot. Sailor Princess will explain everything to me.
I'm going to stop going thru this website, because there's no point anymore. Except for the 7th season thing. Sailor Princess does not exist, and HDTV doesn't give you cool new scenes or take people out. The author claims that HDTV removed the Bandai logo from Sailorstars episodes. Umm, that would NEVER happen. It can't remove commercials and that's what that Bandai logo is. It also can't remove Chibichibi! HDTV is not magic, it's just digital! This person seems to think that "Sailor Princess" would be released only in America...when America hasn't even seen SMS, SS, or Sailorstars. In short, I have no idea what this person was thinking when they decided to make this webpage. It seems to me that their only knowledge of the show comes from fragmented DIC episodes and Toto's screen capture place.

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