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  June 1998

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BiShOuJo SeNsHi sAiLoRmOon

Here's Why:

  • Stealing not from one, not from two, but at least ten other Sailormoon Pages
  • The weird way a lot of the text is typed (yes, the Title really does appear like that)
  • Broken Pics, but guess why? It's a direct link!

Positives About The Page:

  • Profiles are good, no real slips. But it's all copied, edited and paraphrased from other pages.
  • Keeps most of the Japanese version and NA version info separated.
   Nominated by: ChibiChibi



I liked the MIDI at the opening, but it's too short to be on "loop." It should be played once and that's it, otherwise it's annyoing as hell! What else do we have here? Oh wow... it's the logo from the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway. You know, the one that says, "Do not take" below it?!?! Golly gee wow, it's direct linked too. I also noticed a few pics that look familiar from some other sites.
I ask you, dO yOu lIkE rEaDiNg My ReVieW lIkE tHiS? I'll admit she's making a quite impressive use of the shift key, but it's extermely annoiing and, at times, hard to read. I'd rather be viewing a page that uses h1 tags everywhere!
As for content, there are only character profiles here. They seem correct, but look awfully familiar. Actually they are either copied directly or paraphrased from the Everchanging SM Gateway or some of the other sites she stole from! She does give credit to the Gateway on her ChibiChibi Page, but I doubt she actually asked if she could use it. That, by the way, is the only credit she gives to anyone.
Broken pics everywhere! Why? Simple! Direct links everywhere! Pics stolen from the Meatball Head Moon Page, The Sailor Senshi Page, A Sailor Mercury Home Page (on Geocities), Darien Roze Sailor Moon Home Page, and about 3 sites that have moved or been taken down. Seven sites! Those are just the direct links! There are lot of pics I know are stolen, but are taken without direct links, so I say a lot more pages than those have been hit.


Whee! The animated gif from the ECSMG, the intro pics from the SSP, and lots of broken pics too that were direct linked. Let's take a looksee at the profiles pages. Well, the Japanese names are stolen from the Gateway, again, direct linked too. The pictures of the powers are direct linked from The Sailormoon Pages (a former best page), and I have a sneaky suspicion that the descriptions are stolen from the same page. All the profiles have plagiarism written all over them, there are about a zillion sites that this page direct linked to, and no credit's given anywhere. What a sucky page.


Dear lord, another Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway wannabe. When are people going to try and come up with their own thing and not rip off ideas and material from the more popular and established SM pages and sources? This girl rips off the ECSMG, the Sailor Senshi Page, The Sailormoon Pages, and all those other ones CereCere listed without once ounce of credit. Do people think they can still get away with ripping the most popular sites off? Everyone recognizes the stuff, so someone is bound to catch you. What a waste of time these sites are.

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