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  November 1998

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The REAL history of the Sailor Starlights

Here's Why:

  • We wonder where the ____ this info came from.
  • Hard to read on the current background.

Positives About The Page:

  • HTML wise (except that background) it works fine.
  • Nice fan art.
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This site tells an interesting story about the supposed origin of the Starlights. After seeing the site, we wondered if any of this was true. So, first we searched for the magazine they say it comes from on the net and checked with the owners of our favorite anime/manga stores. From both, we came up empty handed. Some of our contacts did tell us that they believe this magazine is an European publication, which would explain why we couldn't find it if it does indeed exsist. Second, we had some of our contacts write both the owner of this site and the person that passed on the info to that owner, and neither could give us any clear answers to our questions. Third, we haven't seen any of this info on any other site in the last four months. Fourth, we doubt all this info could have come from one little interview considering the average length of interviews in magazines, which leaves us with something smelling a little fishy here.
Of course, this could have been all made up by these people or someone else. It might have been caused by some "Telephone Game." You know, the game where someone starts off with one phrase and whispers it to another person who passes it on, and so on... and when it reaches the end of the line, the last person suddenly has a whole different phrase. The info at the start might have had some truth to it but was altered along the way. Then again it could have been not true to start with. If that's the case, this page owner shouldn't feel too badly about this but should check his/her sources better in the future. There is also the possiblity that this thing came from the exact same source that reported that whole stupid Haruka/Michiru thing that SOS screwed up on a few months back. Who knows? If it is true, where is this magazine? The owners of it need to be really straightened out!
The background does make things a little hard to read on this page as well, but I won't dwell on that too much. The real lesson here is check your sources, and don't trust everything you read out there! Now excuse me while I go read a Supermarket Tabloid- now there's a trustworthy source. Hah!


Hmm... I spent more time nit-picking for spelling and grammar errors than actually believing this load of... I, like JunJun, would like to see the article itself before I'll believe. All I have to do is to think back to SOS and the 'Prince Uranus' report to justify my skeptism.
A plus for the site is that the fanart is well done. It compliments the story being told as well. I really can't see this as being anything more than a fanfic, and as a fanfic it works. As anything else, I don't buy it.


At first I thought this page might be one of those correction pages that attempts to help the poor Sailormoon fans of the world in figuring out the most perplexing (and scariest) senshi. Maybe, I thought, this would be a page that tried to explain exactly who the Starlights are, what they want, where they came from, and answer the question once and for all- "*What* the hell *are* they?" Buuuuut, I was disappointed when I finally looked at the thing.
First, the owner of the page can't spell Takeuchi Naoko's name to save his/her life, which really makes me believe that this is a farce. Second, it comes from another infamously unfamous magazine that no one's heard about. Third, it doesn't even use real manga pictures, just fanart. Let's take this apart logically, shall we?
First, why the heck would Takeuchi make up this entire, elaborate story about each of the Starlights when she hasn't even done a fourth of that for most of her real senshi! We never meet Minako's parents except in Sailor V, we don't know much about Makoto except her parents died in a plane crash, we know zilch about Haruka and Michiru's family, and we know even less about Setsuna's really weird life. Added onto that, we know like *nothing* about any of the senshi's pasts except for the very basic information- nothing as drawn out or detailed as this so-called Starlight history. I mean, they die in tankubon 17 and are never shown to be resurrected after that- how important can they be?
Second, it's true that theoretically Takeuchi could have told this all to a European magazine- she told an Italian one about Haruka and Michiru's relationship, but why is it then that this site offers no real proof? It says a magazine name, then presumably an interviewer name, but it still doesn't say which country this came from (only after asking, our source tells us the owner said from Europe), which year this came from, what issue number, what pages, nor does it even give a scan of the thing! Our source also says that ironically, the author of the site claims she translated the actual thing from French though it was originally from another European country, but if that's the case, she should easily be able to get the original owner of the magazine to scan the interview. Does she do it? No.
What does this say? "Crock" comes to mind. The only positive thing I can say is that hopefully it doesn't have as much influence over its public as SOS's crock.


Hmm, nice story and art... if it were only a fanfic. I give the girl credit, she's creative. I'm not sure if I should blame her for making a mockery of everything...or congratulate her for a creative story. One thing is for sure, there is no way in hell this is right. Let's begin with why:
1. A magazine called Animemangaland? Sure. That sounds real believable. I personally know of most of the major anime magazines, and I've never heard of this one.
2. This is just me being nitpicky, but her name is Takeuchi Naoko. Not Takeushi.
3. Their first names aren't Yaten, Seiya, and Taiki. It's their last. Their first names just all happen to be Kou.
YES! Their first names ARE Kou! I'm not an idiot. I know that family names come first, and personal names come second. CereCere-san suggests that you take a look at your manga, or take a look at Doi's page. Also, here's a bit of a culture lesson for those who don't know about Japan, most of the time people call each other by their last name, ESPECIALLY people they don't know too well. And most ESPECIALLY in schools. If you watch subbed Evangelion, you'll see Shinji calling Rei, "Ayanami."
4. Half the names in the story aren't Japanese, or anywhere NEAR what might be considered Japanese half the time...and the ones that are are so very obviously the most stereotypical Japanese names. Seriously, Yakumo?
Like I said, this makes a great fanfic story since it's a semi-believable story...but's not right. Especially since on the main page it displays quite boldly: "This is legit!"
Sure it's legit. The next question is, was this girl duped by someone...or is trying to pass off her own fantasy as the real story?

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