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Page Title: The Moon Prism Fan Club
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Nominated By: Pikurl
Quick Summary:
Seen it all before because it all happens to be STOLEN. Mixed info, java, spelling errors.

Pikurl's Review: The Moon Prism Fan Club
First Impressions
What's going on here? Am I at the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway? No.. it can't be.. Janelle wouldn't stoop to GeoCities..

Main Page
I don't even remember how I found this page. I must have been on a crack high with Cyprine or something. The background image on this page was stolen, plain and simple, from The Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway. There are animated gifs galore, a few which are over 100K in size and this index page just goes on forever! The text is readable over the (stolen) background. Okay. [Pikurl scrolls down the page after it finally finishes loading] What's this? Another stolen image? My my my.. this page is getting a bad track record with me, and I haven't even gone past the main page yet. There is an image of all the Senshi, all chibi, all made by the author of BSSM Sailor Team HQ. Doesn't the author of that page SPECIFICALLY say "Take this image, and you're meatloaf" because of the work involved to make it? Another downside is the usage of the dreaded Comic Sans MS. I can't take a page seriously when it's done entirely in this typeface. [Pikurl scrolls down more and nearly faints] The Ami angel from Electra's Spunky Sailormoon page! The girl didn't even change the filename. At the top of the page, there's a junky java geoguide. (say that five times fast, folks!). There is also a looping midi, but it's soft and I kind of like it.

Before the background loads, it's just all white. It's advisable to make the background a different colour than the text in case someone does not have images loaded. [the background loads] Okay, let's get crackin. Big pics, big midi, long page, BIG BIG BIG! Spelling is atrocious.

[Page is loading] Hum dee dum.. [Page still loads] Doo dee doo.. [Loading still] Hmmm.. [Pikurl goes to the kitchen and makes a couple sandwiches] Um.. [Page loading still] Okay, what's going on here? [Pikurl hits the stop button] WHOA! Holy anigifs, Batman!

Senshi Info
I've seen this background before.. I just can't quite place it. I know that I've seen this image map everywhere. Spelling is a major error again. No links lie beneath the long loading image map, leaving a simple mouseover and looking at the status bar to find the profiles you want. [Pikurl clicks on Sailormoon] Loading again.. [The page loads] Generic info, dub and original series are mixed a bit.. boring, generic, no name brand. [Pikurl tries more links to review this section, but after four broken links, she gives up]

Sailor Moon "Archiave"
A Stolen Anigif, my favourite word, Scout, [wretch] appears. The background obscures the text. A Sailor Saturn theme of pics this time. I have seen all these pics before. I am willing to bet that the author of this page did not scan these (because of all the previous stolen pics). Ooooh, eight whole pics! [rolls eyes] what an "archiave"

Very kawaii! I have never seen these cyberpets before! =-] The page is a fast loader too.

A chat room. Oh calloo callay!

Ooooh, a quiz! I like to take quizzes. =-] Um. Are all the answers supposed to be showing? [scrolls down a bit] This quiz is pretty simple. The S word is said a few times (S word = Scout). Sailor Saturn does not heal, Hotaru heals. What else. [Keeps scrolling down] Spelling is erroneous. Most powerful Senshi is negotiable. Galaxia is very powerful, so is Kakyuu. Sailormoon is very powerful, Pluto is very powerful because she can stop time before she can be blown up and Saturn is very powerful. Oh, and does this make sense? I sat here wondering what this meant:
Why do you like Sailor Moon ( pick the reason that best suits your answer) Good graphics A way to waist time Just to be a riot It is addicting It is good all ways none of the above Click Here For Hint. (That's how her quiz was)
She asks what characteristic suits "Serena" best. All the characteristics she gives fit "Serena". One last thing: the page does not load all the way and is cut off in Number 5 of her answers.

Choose Your Own Adventure
This is a really good idea! This section is still not up yet but shows great promise. You only have two S words to choose from. [Clicks Sailormoon (I'm not picky =-])] Oooh, broken links everywhere. Hurry and finish it so I can finish choosing my own adventure! =-]

Adopt a Fluff
Personally, I would rather catch fluff in a lint trap, but if people want fluffs, they can have their fluffs. I thought at first it was a mirror fluff site, but it's just a separate page to show one fluff and have a link to the main fluff page. I just wonder why the author didn't just put the fluff on the pets page.

Story Place
New? Okay [Clicks] Broken link. I suggest you get that working.

Penpals, a personal thing. Whatever floats your boat.

Where DON'T you see these on Dub pages?

Nine webrings. That's six or seven rings too many. Loading, broken pics, typical webring page.

Fanfics are fanfics. I don't touch peoples' personal writing and stories.

Awards Won
Oh my. Let's look here. [Page doesn't load properly] Huh? [Hits reload, repeats a few times] No? [Looks at page source] One award from Michiru Kaioh. A pity award?

Everyone's getting these now. All I can say is that you can send virtualcards from this site. =-P

This background is from The Light of Little Firefly. Otherwise, it's a links list. [pauses] Whoa.. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I laugh at her disabilities! She links to the pages she stole from! If that's not kicking yourself in the head for evidence, what is?

Final Thoughts
I thought of flaming this girl, but decided that it would be a waste of my time. There are good points, but the stolen, [cough] EVERYTHING takes away from that. Little errors can make a potentially good page lose its appeal.

Moon Over Tokyo review

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Sailormoon is Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha/Toei Animation
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