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Believe it or not, the Fifth Witch has been around since January of 1998. We realize that we are new, but that does not make us amateurs in the Sailormoon Community.

These are the archives of our reviews.

Our reviews before May
Cyprine's reviews
Pikurl's reviews
Manga Review 1
Manga Review 2
Manga Review 3
Manga Review 4
General Review 1
General Review 2
General Review 3
General Review 4
General Review 5
General Review 6
General Review 7
General Review 8
General Review 9
Our reviews between May `98 and present
reviews lost for cyprine
June 1998
July 1998
September 1998
June 1998
July 1998
September 1998
archives lost for tellu
Brand New Reviews — Happy New Year

January 1999
February 1999
March 1999