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By: CereCere

Welcome to a "new" section of our page. This area will be for little extra commentaries we would like to say about things like trends on the Web, Sailor Moon, Flames and Good Comments.

If you that have been following our page for a while, then you know this isn't really new to us. We have done stuff like this on our page before, whenever one of us, or all of us, gets sick and tired of something going on.

So were setting up this section for two reasons. 1) Eventually we will have some extra comment about something, and we need somewhere to put it. 2) How popular our comments on flames we have received became. When we removed the Flames and Email Comment Sections from our page about 2 months ago, we received a large amount of email from people asking us to bring it back, more than we received for the vote. O_o We removed it because those pages have not been updated in about 6 months, and we simply didn't have the time to update it, and we actually receive surprisingly few flames. That's why we will also use this page to comment on those from time to time.

Any commentary made here will also be stored in an archive when it's replaced. Finally, this area will not be updated monthly, just whenever we get an idea for it.

  • Dec. 14th, 1997
  • As usual any comment made on this page is that of "The Amazoness Quartet" or one of its members. Tripod has nothing to do with our opinions, etc, lalala...

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