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By: CereCere

The last thing I wanted to do was to have a SMS Dub related rant for the third time in a row, but something has been bugging me lately. Maybe you can help me out with this.

I live in Canada, where we haven't seen any of the SMS dub yet, and I'm no exception to this. So I'm not going to do the usual running comments about what was changed in the dub, and what was wrong with those changes, simply because I haven't seen it, thus I'm not qualified to say anything about it.

However, because I am fairly active in SM circles on the net, I have run into many discussions on IRC, in the newsgroups, and on websites about the changes to the dub. A lot of the people in the discussions I've observed of course talk a lot about all the changes in the new dub and why they don't like some, and why they are okay with others.

The funny thing is, many will run on and on about how they don't like the changes, the cousins, the names, the censorship, the Americanization, and the actors. But no matter what they say, many come up with one conclusion:

"Well at least it isn't as bad as what Dic did."

To which I always reply: "Why?"

Why is it not as bad? What makes the Cloverway dub that much better? I mean we have all talked about what was wrong with Dic, and to my memory, we always pointed out some similar things: the changes, Zoicite, the names, the censorship, the Americanization, the actors. How is this much different? Many say, "well it's because they don't use Negaverse", gee that's a real improvement, or they will say, "they stick to the overall story line more". To which I reply, "How? How is it closer to the story line?" "Sure Dic cut episodes, but they were outside the overall story line; as for the "Negaverse" it wasn't that much of a big deal: sure it was annoying at times, but the overall story line was still there." Then there is silence… usually no one can come up with anything else to answer my question.

So I thought it would be interesting to find out which production of the English dub you like more, Cloverway or Dic? Please send in your ideas, and as I receive your answers I will post them with this article.

All I ask is that you provide a reason why you think one is better than the other. You can even say why neither is better! Please don't write and just say you like one over the other without saying why, and don't tell me Cloverway is better only because it hasn't used "Negaverse".

Now here are the replies!
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  • July 19th, 2000
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